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Fall 2015
Analytical Chemistry I
Quantitative Analysis
Chem 341WI
4 Credit Hrs | Instruction Mode: L (lab) and P (class)

Professor Andrew Holder • SCB 113 • 816-235-2293 • 913-543-3709 (fax)
Office Hours: T/Th 1:00-4:00, 5:00 – 7:30
Lecture: T/Th 4PM | Labs: T/Th 1PM (AFT), 5PM (EVE)
Credit: Lab + Lecture = 4 credits | Format: Lab + Lecture (P)

Lecture / Class Policies and Procedures
Correspondence with UMKC Student Learning Outcomes Scientific Reasoning & Quantitative Analysis * Apply principles/methods of sciencea, mathb, statisticsc and logicd to solve problems and draw logical inferences. * Chpt 3: Experimental Error (c) * Chpt 4: Statistics (c) * Chpt 6: Chemical Equilibrium (a, b, d, e, f) * Chpt 7: Activity & Systematic Trtmnt, (a, d, e, h) * Chpt 8: Monoprotic Acid-Base Equil., * Chpt 9: Polyprotic Acid-Base Equil. (a, d, e, g, h) * Develop quantitative literacy enabling comprehensione and evaluationf of info in broad contexts. * Chpt 3: Experimental Error, Chpt 4: Statistics (f) * Chpt 5: Quality Assurance and Calibration Methods (c) * Understand methodsg/principlesh of scientific discovery and their application * Sxn 0-2: The Analytical Chemist’s Job (g, h) * Sxn 0-3: General Stages in a Chemical Analysis (g, h) * Chpt 2: Tools of the Trade (g) * Carrying out laboratory analyses (g, h) * Chpt 10: Acid-base Titrations, Chpt 11: EDTA Titrations (g, h) Course Description: Principles of gravimetric, volumetric, electrolytic, and other methods of analysis.

Prerequisites and Co-requisites * One year of general chemistry + lab or equivalent (CHEM 211, 212R, 211L, 212LR * One year of college algebra or equivalent. (MATH 120) * Simultaneously…...

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