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Since the moment that the word motorcycle is said by somebody, some people starts to think about over-speed, adrenaline, air, close turns, powerful engines. Also, the word motorcycle is synonymous of accidents, blood, crashes, danger and even deaths. This is the reason why certain people that is not related to this topic is always afraid and try to avoid those kinds of vehicles as much as possible. Therefore, two types of persons are out there: Those who love the fact of being on the soft seat of a motorcycle and feel how the power of an engine runs into their veins and how the air becomes your best partner at riding, and the other type: Those who have not felt this sensation yet. This kind of person is always surprised and admired for those who ride. They say: “Aren’t you afraid of riding your motorcycle?”, “You are risking your life every time you go out there on that”, “Put always your helmet on”. This last sentence, I have heard it countless times and from different kinds of persons, even people that I do not know, but they are always worried and say: “An accident can happen any time, so better put it on every time”. I know that riding motorcycles bring at the same time a huge risk of having an accident or fall down just because of the road is not at the perfect conditions; hence, professional riders had the task to reduce fatal collisions and increase the safety of the motorcyclist. Safety wear and safety skills have been made to eliminate the chance of having a mishap. Here is where the controversy shows up: Making the riders to use a helmet vs teaching the riders about how to use the motorcycle and also clarify the drivers how to really share the road without problems. Education is the best way to avoid an accident if an event suddenly shows up, wearing a helmet is only one slice of a big cake of safety that should be up to you if you want to take only one…...

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