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“Motives Matter: Why We Volunteer Has an Impact on Our Health”

NOTE: The purpose of the diagnostic task is to get more information about your individual strengths and weaknesses so that we adapt our classes according to your needs. This task is not assessed but it is strongly recommended that you complete it because it is an important opportunity for you to practise the skills that you will be tested on later in the semester.

This task is based on the article”Motives matter: Why we volunteer has an impact on our health”, which is available on LMS in Week 2. You are going to prepare a 6-8 minute video presentation that you will record using LMS. The task has two main components. It is necessary to complete both parts.

Part 1) Summarise the text in your own words. Remember that your job here is to describe the text to a person that has not read it. You will be assessed on your ability to summarise the text in your own words (instead of reciting the text word-for-word). DON’T READ FROM YOUR NOTES OR THE TEXT OR ANY WEBSITES. Understand the main ideas and talk about them using your own words. The goal of this assignment is NOT to test your ability to read or memorize a piece of text. Do NOT try to include every single idea.
a) Identify the purpose of the text and the key ideas. What is the text about? What is the author’s point of view? What are the main ideas discussed in the text?
b) Outline the supporting points. What points does the writer use to support the main idea of the text? What examples or reasons are given?

Part 2) Provide a personal response to the text. Your job here is to demonstrate your understanding of the text by reflecting on the ideas and applying them to a wider perspective. You will be assessed on your ability to support your ideas using specific examples and reasons, and on your ability to connect the ideas in the text to our class readings and discussions.
Remember that your focus should be on the content of the text, (i.e., the ideas, the concepts discussed in the text), not on the author’s writing style. For example, do not simply say “I found the text boring because the author used long words” – that is not a critical reflection of the topic!
Instead try to state at which points you think in line with the author. Give your reasons for agreement and disagreement.
Do not forget to give to-the-point examples from the Turkish context.
HOW TO PREPARE A SUCCESSFUL VIDEO JOURNAL a) Make sure you take a look at the OST Assessment Criteria on LMS before you start recording your speech. This will help you understand our expectations.
b) You can record your video journal as many times as you like – in fact, the more times you practise, the better your final result will be, so please organise your time well to give you plenty of time to rehearse. But please send only the final, the best version of your recordings.
c) You are required to video record yourselves in the format of a 6-8 minute individual video presentation and submit it to your instructor via LMS. Videos with poor lighting or poor sound quality will be penalised.
d) We are looking for well-organised and clearly supported speech. Please include examples and reasons to support your views.
e) Do NOT read your speech. This will affect your fluency and you will be penalised. We are assessing your ability to discuss a text in your own words, NOT your ability to memorise a speech (you are not actors!) It is more natural (and therefore, you will be more successful) to explain ideas in your own words than to try and memorise a text someone else has written.
f) Students that summarise in their own words (even if they make mistakes) will receive higher grades than students that memorise and repeat large paragraphs from the article or another source.
DEADLINE: Monday, February 25, midnight via LMS. GOOD LUCK!…...

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