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Hca 230 Week 3

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“Verbal and Nonverbal Communication”

The first principle of communication is recognizing that every language has a significant value. And although there all many different languages in the world, they are all of equal value. The second principle is that even though there are so many languages throughout the world, every language has its own dialect.
Everywhere, for example in the United States, has a different dialect of the same language, just in different regions. For example, Americans in the North, South, East, and West all have very different dialects in the United States. Even when it comes to different cities, people have different accents along with different dialects. Vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar are all different throughout the United States. For example, although we all speak the same language, it may not be easy for someone from the North to understand someone as clearly if they’re from the West.
The third principle is to understand the fact that what one person says through their vocabulary may not translate to be the same as another’s vocabulary. This is why in most cases, there is miscommunication due to a lack of understanding to another’s vocabulary. The fourth principle of communication is to understand and recognize that even every culture has a different way of speaking and communicating. The fifth, and last principle of communication is to learn to be open minded, to listen to suggestions for more effective verbal communication, so that we may learn and share an understanding of each other. Three principles that I find to be critical for effective communication are the second principle, the third principle and the fifth principle. The second, is that even though there are so many languages throughout the world, every language has its own dialect. The third, to understand the fact that what one person says through…...

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