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Gs11450 Problem Solving Final Project Paper

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Living On Another Planet
Final Project
Michael Wittig
Joshua ZieglerChris Sandoval |

The professional organization our mission would emulate would be similar to European space agency. This formation would be under NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and operate using a treasury allocated by NATO. The group will be identified as MEO (Mars Exploration Organization). The organization was founded October 11, 2012 and the central headquarters is in Jona, Switzerland. MEO’s mission statement c is “Mars Exploration Organization’s purpose shall be to provide for, and to promote, for exclusively peaceful purposes, cooperation among all countries in space research and technology and their space applications, with a view to their being used for scientific purposes and for operational space applications systems in the goal of colonizing Mars.” The service it provides is a central location for engineers and scientists to conduct research, planning and building of equipment.
There is no set membership cost due to each country. The cost of building the equipment and maintaining the industry like facilities is paid by NATO and it comes out of the dues paid by the countries that chose to be members of NATO. The reason for choosing MEO was due to the planning of the mission being a worldwide endeavor with the goal being the exploration and colonization of Mars. The idea is rather than a single country trying to pull resources through contracts with international construction and manufacturing companies, the group MEO would unite the worldwide companies for a single purpose

Location/Climate The planet we chose to live on is Mars because it is the closest planet within the sun’s habitable zone that also has water that can be drilled and harvested. The planet is the 4th planet from the sun and the smallest in our solar system. The planet is currently not suitable for humans to live on without artificial sources brought from our planet but through time and terraforming the environment it could be a lot like Earth. The rotational period and seasonal cycles of Mars are likewise similar to those of Earth, as is the tilt that produces the seasons. Mars has about half the diameter of Earth. It is less dense than Earth, having about 15% of Earth's volume and 11% of the mass. Its surface area is only slightly less than the total area of Earth's dry land. Mars is a terrestrial planet that consists of minerals containing silicon and oxygen, metals, and other elements that typically make up rock. The planet also has two very large polar ice caps that if melted, would cover almost the entire surface of Mars. Those ice caps are going to be the key to living on this planet because they consist mainly of water that can be harnessed for life and terraforming.
Of all the planets in the solar system, the seasons of Mars are the most Earth-like, due to the similar tilts of the two planets' rotational axes. The lengths of the Martian seasons are about twice those of Earth's, as Mars's greater distance from the sun leads to the Martian year being about two Earth years long. Martian surface temperatures vary from lows of about −143 °C (at the winter polar caps) to highs of up to 35 °C (in equatorial summer). The wide range in temperatures is due to the thin atmosphere which cannot store much solar heat, the low atmospheric pressure, and the low thermal inertia of Martian soil. The planet is also 1.52 times as far from the sun as Earth, resulting in just 43% of the amount of sunlight.

Purpose For an initial team of explorers and engineers the group would travel in multiple ships to Mars. The ships that have been chosen are based on a concept design that will allow for five hundred people to be onboard each ship and travel to mars in less than 6 months of travel time. The expected time to build the first ship will be 10 to 15 years. The time needed will drop to 5 years for each additional ship, since the platform and construction yard will be in place for continuous construction. The ship will be built entirely in the high orbit above earth and the ship yard will be constructed for workers to live on and work in shifts to complete the project. The reason for living on another planet is to be able to start the exploration of humans to other planets and to thrive. The steps that need to be taken would be the ones to allow for inter galaxy travel and would allow for humans to continue the exploration of space. The biggest reason for moving a population to another planet will be for scientific exploration and the continuing need to obtain more knowledge and building technology to have a greater purpose. Humans have been fascinated with exploring and colonizing new places in the attempt to create a better place to live.
Climate characteristics
The measurable data of Mars is as follows:
Surface pressure: 6.36 mb at mean radius (variable from 4.0 to 8.7 mb depending on season)[6.9 mb to 9 mb (Viking 1 Lander site)]
Surface density: ~0.020 kg/m3
Total mass of atmosphere: ~2.5 x 1016 kg
Average temperature: ~210 K (-63 C)
Diurnal temperature range: 184 K to 242 K (-89 to -31 C) (Viking 1 Lander site)
Wind speeds: 2-7 m/s (summer), 5-10 m/s (fall), 17-30 m/s (dust storm) (Viking Lander sites)
Mean molecular weight: 43.34 g/mole

Atmospheric composition (by volume): Major : Carbon Dioxide (CO2) - 95.32% ; Nitrogen (N2) - 2.7% Argon (Ar) - 1.6%; Oxygen (O2) - 0.13%; Carbon Monoxide (CO) - 0.08% Minor (ppm): Water (H2O) - 210; Nitrogen Oxide (NO) - 100; Neon (Ne) - 2.5; Hydrogen-Deuterium-Oxygen (HDO) - 0.85; Krypton (Kr) - 0.3; Xenon (Xe) - 0.08
(Williams, 2013)
Life Support Systems In order for our new society to survive and thrive on Mars, the necessities of life need to be established. Water, food, shelter are the first things that need to be step up upon arrival to the planet. The polar ice caps would be our first water source to establish a water purification plant. Food would be brought with the space ships as a 100% renewable source such as farming and livestock. Air production will be in the form of air purification systems and plant life for carbon dioxide recycling. With us on our trip to Mars are going to be the nation’s top biologists and scientists to start a terraforming project. Our ultimate goal is going to be to change the landscape and climate through terraforming the environment to get the planet as close to another Earth as we possibly can. If this can be accomplished we will have two habitable planets at our race’s disposal and the possibilities for expansion will be endless for generations to come.
Community Design The Mars Exploration Organization’s community layout is going to be as practical but functional as we can make it. The society’s structures are going to be fully enclosed with their own renewable air sources because the air is not breathable yet. Our community is only going to be a few hundred people at first, but given time and population growth through child birth and immigration from Earth we expect that to grow upwards of 10,000 people ten years after we first land. Our Martian community’s buildings and structures are going to be pre-constructed on Earth and assembled by engineers once we reach the planet. They are going to be as light weight and structurally perfect as our top MEO engineers will be designing them. Modifications and revisions are going to be expected due to the unpredictability of the Martian climate, as well as a regular inspection and maintenance schedule.
Social Structure/Economy
The economic structure would model that of an “ideal democracy”. The voice of the people is going to be the deciding factor in all matters within the society that require a government decision. Law enforcement is going to be brought from Earth and will include some of the most highly trained and experienced officers that are hand-picked before the ships ever leave earth.
Mars “ Facts and Information about the Planet Mars | . (n.d.). Space and NASA News – Universe and Deep Space Information | . Retrieved August 14, 2013, from
Mars, Mars Information, Red Planet Facts, News, Photos -- National Geographic. (n.d.). Science and Space Facts, Science and Space, Human Body, Health, Earth, Human Disease - National Geographic. Retrieved August 14, 2013, from
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Final Course Project Paper

...Tektronix Portfolio: Bringing Innovation and Satisfaction Week 7 Course Project Final Draft PROJ 587 Advanced Program Management Contents 1.0 Executive Summary 4 2.0 Organization’s Strategic Plan 5 3.0 Organization’s Strategic Capacity Plan 6 3.1 Defend the Core 6 3.2 Expansion of Sales and Products 6 3.3 Balance the Portfolio 6 4.0 Portfolio Management Process 7 4.1 Portfolio Strategic Plan 7 4.2 Portfolio Charter 7 4.3 Portfolio Management Plan 7 4.4 Portfolio Roadmap 8 4.5 Portfolio 9 5.0 Project Selection Criteria 9 5.1 Project Definition 9 5.1.1 Project Categorization 9 5.1.2 Project Prioritization 9 5.1.3 Weighted Scoring Method 10 5.2 Project Acceptance 11 5.2.1 Business Criteria 11 5.2.2 Logistical Criteria 11 6.0 Program Management Plan 11 6.1 Setup of Program Management Office (PMO) 11 6.1.1 Responsibilities: 11 6.2 Phase Gate Review Team 12 7.0 Plan to Identify/Resolve Triple Constraints Conflicts 12 8.0 Change Management Plan 14 8.1 Controlling Scope Change 14 8.2 Change Control Process 15 9.0 Resource Utilization Plan 16 9.1 Network Diagram 16 9.1.1 Utilization 16 9.1.2 Background Activities 16 9.1.3 Single-Tasking and Mulit-Tasking 16 9.1.4 Cross-Training 17 9.1.5 Identify Time-Critical Activities 17 9.1.6 Schedule Based on Deliverables 17 9.2 Requirements Plan 17 10.0 Works Cited 19 1.0 Executive Summary The primary purpose and goal of this report is to explain in detail the Portfolio......

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Problem Solving

...Emmitt Blevins GS1140 Mr. Ellington FAMILY PROBLEMS For my final assignment there was a list of topics to choose from, most of the topics I couldn’t relate to except what I have chosen, a family problem. This topic will be the most difficult to put together, as I will write about a dysfunctional mother. Before she became the dysfunctional mother she had a promising future. When I was in high school I met the mother of my daughter, we fell for each other and got married. Decided we wanted to start a family after a year of being married, we felt it was time. We got pregnant and lost the baby girl at 10 weeks, we were devastated, but we weren’t giving up. Month goes by and we learn we are pregnant once again, this time we took the proper medical steps that we didn’t know about before. We learned we were pregnant right after 9/11, which to us made our pregnancy that much more exciting. Time goes on, life choices have broken me and her up. Our daughter, that’s now 12 years, wasn’t 2 years old yet. I have often wondered to myself, if we didn’t get divorced would she be this way. Is this truly my fault? Then I realize she made her choices which put her where she is today. Since her and I broke up, we have both moved on and started separate lives but always connected. She had gotten remarried and had a new life with three children (2 his 1 hers). She had settled into her life happily, at least that’s how she showed herself to the public. She had started......

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Problem Solving Theory Project

...Problem Solving Theory Project GS1140 08-13-2014 Antonio Pierce & Dana Jackson Thinking about a recurring problem in my life was tough, being that I’ve just closed on a home, working 45-50 hours a week as a store manager, and going to school , are all their own problems in themselves. The common denominator in all three of these life altering events would be time allocation. Given 24 hours, I have to figure out the best way to divide every single step throughout the day, for the next couple of years to be beneficial to myself as well as my household. My morals or ethics come down to family being the most important in my life. I need correct time allocation to not only help handle the day to day responsibilities that come from caring for my first household. But also satisfying the time spent with my girlfriend in .the same process. This causes a severe split between job and school as well. I need to work in order to provide my half of the bills and relationship spending. But also need school to further advance in my career and make a better living. As the saying goes “Work smarter not harder”. With a better education I can advance to make money as well as work less to satisfy my home and relationship needs. At first I thought the problem was I was doing too much at one time. The real problem is “How to create more time to allocate to my responsibilities simultaneously”. Incorrect time management could possibly lead into failures in my relationship, foreclosure on my......

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Problem Solving and Action Paper

...Tamara Mouras Three brothers for whatever reason decided that they would get their local police department into a shootout. Upon starting a shootout with the first officer to cross his path many more officers joined in the shootout when an undercover cop found himself in the middle and heroically sacrificed himself to stop the shootout. The main problem here is that for some reason these three brothers chose to start a shootout with law enforcement and the crossfire caused the death of an officer which is of course no surprise due to their actions. Of course the issue here is that the undercover officer lost his life in the crossfire to help stop the shooter and that because of his intervention he was not actually shot by the young male but instead by his fellow police officers unintentionally. During the entire shootout his brothers recorded the entire incident without attempting to help their brother and escaped only for one to later turn himself in and the other to be apprehended later. For the purpose of this paper the main problem to look at is how could the death of the officer have been prevented and the young man stopped without the shootout going as far as it did. Due to the suddenness of this crime with the young man Michael planning to shoot at the first officer he saw there was no approach to resolving this crime before it happened mostly because the intent of this crime was to start a shootout with law......

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Problem Solving Paper

...Problem Solving Essay Common Problems in College Attending college for the first time can be an exciting experience in the life of a student. On the other side, being new to a college may be a frustrating experience for many students. Most college students face a lot of problems, due to the fact that college time is a time of adaptation and adjusting in your life. Students are encouraged to make some changes to their lifestyle in order to be successful and complete the career of their dreams. One of the main problems that a student faces is balancing study time with personal life. Succeeding at different activities is often stressful and difficult. Enrolling in a large number of credit hours, combined with tasks at work and family responsibilities will result into hectic environments. Failure to successfully perform these activities can leave a person feeling hopeless and in many cases depressed. The best solution to this problem would be learning to balance study time with personal life, along with developing effective time management and organizational skills. Financial problems are also common among students during college. The inability to maintain an organized financial situation will bring disastrous consequences to the credit life of a student. Making payments on time, learning budgeting techniques, and consulting with a credit counselor will improve a bad finance situation. Health issues can be developed during college due to the high amount......

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Problem Solving: Drug Addiction Paper

...Problem Solving: Drug Addiction Virginia Stelwagen PHL/458 June 25, 2012 Trisha McAloon Creative Process The following stages of the creative process have been defined by Ruggiero (2009) as follows: The first stage of the creative process represents the habit of searching for challenges, not at one specific time, but constantly. Its importance is reflected in the fact that can be creative only in response to challenges that you perceive. The second stage: expressing the problem or issue, the objective in this stage is to find the best expression of the problem or issue, the one that will yield the most helpful ideas. The third stage: investigating the problem or issue, the objective of this stage is to obtain the information necessary to deal effectively with the problem or issue. In some cases, this will mean merely searching your past experience and observation for appropriate material and bringing it to bear on the current problem. In others, it will mean obtaining new information through fresh experience and observation, interviews with knowledgeable people, or your own research. The fourth stage: producing ideas, the objective in this stage is to generate enough ideas to decide what action to take or what belief to embrace. Two obstacles are common in this stage. The first is the often unconscious tendency to limit your ideas to common, familiar,...

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Project Final Paper

...Theory I have chosen chaos and complexity theory to discuss and evaluate for this project. Under chaos and complexity theory, organizational structures served to create boundaries between everything and prescribed who did what. The organization treated people like machines, assigning them specific roles, duties, and responsibilities while ignoring their other abilities, emotions, or beliefs. The interview summary will display the company as chaotic but a self-organization entity. Beneath all structures and behaviors resides the real creator – dynamic processes. Confusion is part of a much deeper process of organization. It is in this confusion that individuals move into a place of not knowing, and they stay there for a while. How do we describe these theories in terms that anyone can understand? How do we visually or metaphorically show that one small change has an effect on all other areas? Picture standing in the middle of Grand Central Station at the peak of rush hour (morning or evening), We all have seen chaos and turmoil in certain circumstances in our lives and that is the adaptability and change in this visual metaphor. Summary of Findings I chose to interview the IT Manager for a rail road construction management project (MTA-East Side Access). East Side Access is a medium sized construction project with approximately 600 employees with 7 project offices in Manhattan and Queens, New York. Jun and I conducted the......

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