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Green Radio: Radio Techniques to Enable Energy Efficient Wireless Networks

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Green Radio: Radio Techniques to Enable Energy Efficient Wireless Networks
Adeel Akhtar, MSIT (Cont.), School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Salman Fayyaz Khan, MSIT (Cont.), School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Syeda Tahira Bano, MSIT (Cont.), School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

This draft contains the overview of project “Green Radio”, to make the wireless communication efficient in terms of energy consumptions. Concurrent document describes the technical background of the project, some initiatives before publish this article and the current state of the art developments in this project. It includes also some research directions to which significant energy consumption can be achieved.

There is an urge on environmental grounds to decrease the energy requirements of radio access networks as there is a vast increase in the number of mobile

subscribers, the progress to higher-datarate mobile broadband, and the significant addition of information technology to the overall energy loss of the world. In the Information Technology Industry mobile phone communication contributes to a major proportion of the total energy consumed. The main reasons for the Mobile VCE Green Radio Program are to reduce to expenditure costs and carbon emissions for wireless cellular network. The Green Radio program aims to achieve a hundred times reduction in power consumption over present designs for wireless communication networks and this reduction is to be achieved without any change in the quality of service undertaken by the network users. The Green Radio project seeks to attain energy reduction from two different viewpoints. The first is to explore substitutes to the present cellular network

structures to reduce energy consumption. The second is to…...

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