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Great Historians of Managerial Research

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Great Historians of Managerial Research

According to Mary Parker Follett, Management is “the art of getting thing done through people.” ( There are many great individuals from our history that have had a grand effect on the art of Management. These individuals have changed the ideas of management from what it once was. It was important and is important now for management to change and evolve as the world changes and evolves. Some of the greatest Management Researchers and management developers are Frederick Taylor, Adam Smith, Henry Ford, Henri Fayo, Mary Follett and Max Weber (Pioneers of Management). These figures from our history have set the stage for management and developments now in the present and in the future. This research paper will not discuss how each of the previous men and women influenced or changed the science of management.

One of the most prominent management developers is Frederick Taylor. His work was mainly in the late 1800‘s. Frederick Taylor had many ideas for researching new forms of management and applying these new ideas on subjects for more testing. His most prominent ideas were the “Time and Motion” idea, “A Fair Days’ Pay for a Fair Days Work”, and the idea of “Optimizing and Simplifying Jobs” (Frederick Taylor and Scientific Management). Taylor was also the first person to apply science to the idea of management. “Taylorism is also another idea that Frederick Taylor created that was backed by his own book. He used the scientific theory and other methods in order to produce proven advancements in management. The idea of “Time and Motion” meant for managers to hire people that would be the most efficient. Employees that were efficient got much more work done and were much more valuable to the company. “A Fair Day’s Pay For a Fair Day’s Work” is an idea that means if a person does not meet specific goals set for them in…...

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