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Grand Island Nebraska Crime Rate Is a Problem

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PG 2 GRAND ISLAND NEBRASKA CRIME RATE IS A PROBLEM Crime in Grand Island, Nebraska is a serious problem. Criminals are getting away with much more, security tends to be forgotten in Grand Island and is not something that is thought of everyday as it should be. The security level is not where it should be and businesses and residents are losing more and more of their personal belongings on a daily basis. If this was more of a concern to business owners and residents and strictly enforced by local authority as well as the residents of Grand Island the crime rate would gradually start to decrease. Grand Island needs to make proper security not only to business owners , but also residents who are willing to make the changes that must be made to make Grand Island safer. Technology often makes possible what once was impossible. ( RIch, 2013 PG 796). Community members must do their part and look out for other residents instead of only about yourself, what you own, what you can gain from helping that person, would make a tremendous difference in our community to say the least. The idea behind impossibility structures that the government could use technology to make criminal conduct impossible is not new, but advances in technology are, such structures increasingly feasible.(Rich, 2013, PG.796-796).Realizing these crimes such as burglaries, theft from businesses/vehicles, murders, drugs, all of these crimes in a nutshell…...

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