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Going for Wow at Notthingham-Spirk

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Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

Chapter 7 Question #1: Every aspect of the organization and work experience seems to support the process of empowering the staff at the company to think creatively. The company has been very intelligent about creating an atmosphere that has both physical and also intellectual inspiration so that the daily process of meeting their clients objectives of growth and customer satisfaction are paramount in their activities. The most impressive and physically dominant feature of this empowerment is the actual physical office space associated with the company.
Utilizing an architectural rarity to house the corporate offices was an ingenious move by the management of the company. The facility of an old church that has imposing placement on the hill and an inspiring interior design sets the stage for employees to be in a frame of mind that gets the best out of them. The company has named its offices the “innovation center” in order to set the tone for how employees and visitors interpret their physical space. The space itself is very imposing and grand, as the church that was in the building prior to it becoming an innovation center was one where artistic merit and grandiose architecture was key to their mission. It would be virtually impossible for employees to enter this space everyday and not be in a creative state of mind beyond what they would typically feel entering a standard office.
Chapter 7 Question #2: The company supports creativity in order to bring about the best results for their clients, and to get the best out of their staff. In the business of product innovation and development, it is vital for the employees to be able to figure out how to solve problems of consumers, not only for their needs and wants for today, but for tomorrow. Employees at
Nottingham Spirk are encouraged to envision the future so that they can…...

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