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God and the Devil

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God and the Devil have an impact on the human race, because God and the Devil have a shared goal to give people two choices in life God and the devil both origininated in heaven. God made the heavens, earth and the angels. In particular he made he made an angel named Lucifer. Lucifer was the lead angel and was the most beautiful angel. Lucifer was also was the lead angel over music. God made the angels to serve him and to help with humanity. God created humans and loved them. Lucifer became jealous of Gods rule. He did not like the creation of humanity. He did not want to serve humanity. Lucifer felt humans were beneath the angels. Lucifer then persuaded other angels to join his idealism. Lucifer began a war in heaven. Lucifer and his angels were defeated. They were then cast out of heaven. With his betrayal to God’s plan he was exiled to hell.
The contrasts between these two entities are very easy to make. The likeness between these two entities is a little harder, but nevertheless they do have similarities. God and the Devil are similar because they both make an impact and can affect the human race. God wants you to accept him and give you free will to make your own choices in life. God lets you make the choices in your life but he warns you to stay away from the ways of Lucifer. Humans should cleanse themselves and stay away from evil. The devil will also use free will as a tool. He does not cause you to do bad things. Humans do evil all on their own. Lucifer just sets the stage for humans He is the anger in all of us. Lucifer or any of his fallen angels for that matter can whisper in your ear. He can make you fall into evil ways because Lucifer is cunning and he can play with your mind. He encourages bad thinking and bad feelings which lead to bad actions. God and Lucifer want our souls. God wants you to enter heaven and serve. Lucifer wants to obtain your…...

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