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Global Crime Issues 1

Global Crime Issues
September 9, 2014
Instructor: Robert Chase

Global Crime Issues 2 This paper will describe worldwide what criminal justice systems are doing to address the criminal issues identified. This paper will find a new story covering a terrorism- related crime that occurred in the last two years that had a worldwide impact. Discussion on how globally criminal justice system handled the crime and my opinion on the effectiveness of the systems response and it will include suggestions for future interventions to combat or prevent these crimes. In the last two decades, the world economy has globalized, so has its illicit counterpart. The global impact of transnational crime has grown to a massive level. Criminal groups have developed new technologies and adapted parallel network structures that are difficult to trace and stop that it has expanded their activities. The result has been an unparalleled of international crime (The "International Crime Threat Assessment). Here in the United States we have hundreds of individuals who enter illegally daily. These individuals bring with them drugs, firearms, contraband, and human trafficking of people, which hits the streets of the communities and businesses. These crimes are not a local problem they are an international issue also, which have become a worldwide threat. There are numerous crimes that fall under the umbrella of transnational crime, which includes some of the crimes that were mentioned earlier. These crimes have a significant impact on the Criminal Justice System and how plans are developed to combat this threat. Global Crime Issues 3 Human trafficking has been a big problem for many years; it got a lot of attention when Natalie Holloway was taken in Aruba along with another young lady a year later. It is not just here in the United States but international as well. There have been so many young children, women, and men of all ages taken from their homes only to be sold to the highest bidder for sex, labor and other things. Over the years there has been as many as 18,000 people bought by human traffickers in the United States every year, then sold overseas just like there people are brought here from other countries like Korea, Russia and others. We know human trafficking is a moneymaker for all kinds of people, but we, as Americans need to try and keep this from happening to these innocent people every year. One of the biggest crimes has been human trafficking of women and children all across international borders for sexual exploitation and now we have it here in the U.S. (Perkins). Traffickers prey on vulnerable people; many of these individuals suffers from poverty, disabilities and discrimination. Abduction, deception, force, and fraud are some of the methods used to force individuals into sexual exploitation. Human trafficking has no boundaries when it comes to gender, race, or even borders (due to globalization). (Perkins). These victims are stripped of their human dignity. The women and children are smuggled across national or international borders to be part of the sex trade. Some of the women and children are forced as laborers that have no pay or benefits. These individuals could work in unhealthy and dangerous conditions. These shops used to create cheap handmade garments or goods for trade
Global Crime Issues 4 for little or no pay. Some of the women and children are forced as domestic servants or nannies (The "International Crime Threat Assessment). The women and children particularly girls who are used for sexual pleasure are coerced into some of these activities by empty promises. They are deceived and frightened and are sometimes placed in conditions where they are too scared to talk. These women are forced into prostitution, but the real threats of violence keep them under control and their actions keep them working (The "International Crime Threat Assessment). Sometimes America doesn’t know who is being sold, so the numbers I stated earlier do not even reflect the ones we do not know about that are sold into prostitution, or for labor, or even as housewives. Yes, mail order brides are another form of human trafficking in these states as well as international. However, the United States laws offer protection and recognize all forms of human trafficking (“Global Issues-Arresting Transnational Crime.” 2001). Drug smuggling in America and International is a billion dollar enterprise that Mexico has been thriving on for years. However, it is not just Mexico but Panama, El Salvador, Columbia, and other International countries. These people will force, bribe others to be drug mules for them bring large quantizes of drugs into America not caring if the person gets caught or worse dies from the drugs getting into their system when it busts inside their stomach where it’s carried or their rectum at times. This is a big issue for both the United States and our International counter parts to try and stop this from happening. These mules are not only bringing in drugs some of them are smuggling in
Global Crime Issues 5 guns by driving across the border, thru the mail, or inside of something, they have bought. This is why the border patrol stops most of them crossing the border coming from Mexico trying to enter Texas, California, and Arizona not because they are illegal’s but cause they may be caring drugs or guns for the Mexican drug cartel. Another crime sweeping both countries is cyber crime, which includes wire fraud, internet scams, identity theft, and child porn. Organized crime members use this lot as well as regular people to try and get over on inspecting people. This happens when on the internet they trick people into taking money orders or checks to their banks to cash and get the money then they wire it to the person in another country. Sometimes they just trick them into sending them their own money saying they won a lottery when it is all a scam and they don’t find out until it is too late that the checks or the game was all fake. Money Laundering is what the cartels do with their money all the time. They bribe a bank manager into doing the work for them, and then it is wired to a bank in another country that only they can touch. However, the police force locally and international have caught on to this and are working together to stop this from happening and arresting the criminals that still try it. Child pornography is big on the internet also it is a crime that is being worked on to stop children from being exploited or sold for sex. These criminals are hard to catch sometimes but when they are caught, the criminal justice system throws the book at them to make sure it does not happen again to another little child, even though the process takes a long time from beginning and to end. According to Global Issues-Arresting Transnational Crime (2001), “The U.S.
Global Crime Issues 6
Justice department is engaged in a variety of initiatives to help emerging democracies build stranger law enforcement and criminal justice systems as a strategy to curtail the activities of organized crime.” Lacking capable and dependable foreign law enforcement, the United States as well as other countries will continue to be defenseless to criminal groups that conduct activities from countries where law enforcement is weak (“Global Issues-Arresting Transnational Crime,” 2001, p.9). However, these crimes are not only up to law enforcement to enforce but also up to national and international securities to help stop these crimes. In the end, global crimes such as drug trafficking, money laundering, fraud, human trafficking and cyber crime have become larger in the last several decades. With this level of illegal activity increasing us, as a country must step up our protection or just we no longer care about what happens to anyone. The increase shows us that the people involved believe they are above the law and have no respect for our government or the people that they hurt with what they are doing.

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