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Global Young Leaders Conference

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CGlobal Young Leaders Conference (GYLC) - A Walk to Remember
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” John Quincy Adams
Like all teenagers our age we are swept up by the leadership wave partly encouraged by our parents, school and by all that we hear and see around us. Thus when the Global Young Leaders Conference was announced we got onto the leadership bandwagon.
It all started when myself, Shafra Ameen (12 Cam. Sci) and Hasini Chamika (12 Cam. Sci.) was nominated from school to attend The Globlal Young Leaders Conference. Our applications were accepted by the GYLC and thus began the very exciting 14 days of summer visiting Washington DC and New York. What is GYLC?
The GYLC is a unique leadership development conference that takes place in China, Europe and U.S.A in July and August every year. Outstanding high school scholars aged 15-18 from around the world converge to share and collaborate with each other. The theme of GYLC this year was “The Leaders of Tomorrow Preparing for the Global Challenges and Responsibilities of the future”
The Reality
Just 10 days after our Cambridge A/L final examination the 3 of us were in the flight to Washington. Shafra, Hasini and I opted to choose the session held from the 25th of June to 4th July plus the optional add on which continues till the 7th of July. Likewise there are 6 similar sessions throughout July and August so that the applicants are given a choice to choose the session which they are comfortable with.
The session which we attended was participated by 327 scholars from all over the globe. On the first day of the conference we were divided into 13 respective countries of around 25 scholars each and 7 buses which was used to take us around. These 13 countries were important groups of the United Nations based on cultural differences and engaged…...

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