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Businesses all over the world have a choice of either becoming a solution to the problems bedeviling the world or join in and add to these problems. Global warming, corrupt practices, involvement of child labor in the supply chain are some of the problems occasioned by the growth and expansion of multinational corporations. It is incumbent upon these businesses to ensure that they operate ethically and by so doing avoid these dilemmas. Businesses are also expected to actively participate in upholding human rights. The Global Compact proposes presents the framework and guiding principles that can help these MNC’s navigate past these dilemmas as they enter new growth environments. This paper will report on the issues raised on the Bloomberg Interview and the Four Corners Program on Apple. The Global Compact (GC) is a proposal from the United Nations, which asks companies, MNCs included, to embrace and inculcate universal principles in their company operations and partner with the UN to ensure that human rights violations are not perpetuated in the business world (Rasche, et al., 2012). The UN GC has grown to become a crucial platform through which the UN gets to engage and interact constructively with the numerous enlightened global businesses. The GC’s primary goal is to encourage businesses to engage in businesses as forces of good and not evil. Multinational corporations are impacted by the GC which expects them to conduct their businesses is ethical manners. The Global Compact is alive to the fact that the different MNCs it seeks to partner with are at varying stages of their corporate sustainability and performance. That is why the GC employs a wide range of approaches in engaging these MNCs. These approaches include the development of overarching frameworks which include the Global…...

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