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United States Government Accountability Office

February 2009



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United States Government Accountability Office
Washington, DC 20548

February 2009
This letter transmits the revised Government Accountability Office
(GAO) Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual
(FISCAM). The FISCAM presents a methodology for performing information system (IS) control 1 audits of federal and other governmental entities in accordance with professional standards, and was originally issued in January 1999. We have updated the
FISCAM for significant changes affecting IS audits.
This revised FISCAM reflects consideration of public comments received from professional accounting and auditing organizations, independent public accounting firms, state and local audit organizations, and interested individuals on the FISCAM Exposure
Draft issued on July 31, 2008 (GAO-08-1029G).
GAO would like to thank the Council of the Inspectors General on
Integrity and Efficiency and the state and local auditor community for their significant input into the development of this revised
Summary of Major Revisions to FISCAM
The revised FISCAM reflects changes in (1) technology used by government entities, (2) audit guidance and control criteria issued by the…...

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