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By: Shlomo Feldman
It says in the Hayom Yom,
(A collection of Chasidic customs or thoughts about Judaism, [by the Lubavitcher Rebbe], which are arranged according to the days of the year.) . . .
So it says:

So, the Hayom Yom Quotes parts from the Torah:
Which is, Vayikra, 26 : 3, 4 .
“If you go in my statutes... I will give your rains in their season...”
(so that’s what he quotes)
And, SO THE REBBE continues in his HAYOM-YOM,
Torah-study and mitzvot-observance are the wedding-ring with which G-d betrothed Israel [and the Jewish people] and obligated Himself to provide the Jews with sustenance and livelihood.

-It’s LIKE A WEDDING, because it’s A DEAL with G-d.
So, in this WEDDING, G-d’s ring that he’s giving us, is THE TORAH AND MITZVOS, and G-d is promising to take care of us, (the same way A husband would promise the wife when he’s getting married) so if we Lose this ring (by stopping to Learn Torah and Mitzvos), Then G-d LOSES the OBLIGATION, to take care of us, and giving us sustenance and livelihood.
So that’s Why it’s very important that we keep on doing Torah and Mitzvos, Because we need to keep our MARRIAGE or DEAL with G-d, so that he’ll keep on taking care of us.

And so, this is important to remember ON YOUR BAR MITZVA, because the Bar Mitzva, is the Main day that you become responsible to START DOING THE TORAH AND MITZVOS,
So, it’s very important to remember that you have a deal with G-d, and you have to um… REMEMBER THAT.
So, That’s why the Bar Mitzvah is such a special day.

So, thank you everybody… for.. uh.. LISTENING, and please enjoy the rest of the Bar Mitzvah.…...

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