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I agree that “we need love to survive.” We do need love just like we need food and sleep. When we are younger we should receive love because it’s possible that we could not develop to love others. It’s very important for babies to get love because if they don’t there is a high chance that they will grow up to be alone and will have low self esteem.
I agree that the “mother-infant relationship is the essence of love.” I agree with this because our mothers are really the first people we develop a real relationship with and how learn to love. If we don’t establish that relationship with our mothers, it will be relatively hard to love other people. Babies slowly learn how to live in the world and having a relationship with their mother is very important for the baby to develop relationships with other people while they are still young as well as when they get older.
I agree with the talk about criminals. It says that they usually didn’t get enough love and affection while they were growing up. If you don’t get enough love as a child, you could end up going down the wrong path. You will most likely end up doing bad things to try and make up the lack of love and affection that you received as a child. Children with inattentive parents sometimes end up being criminals because they never really had anyone show them love 3 Disagrees:
I disagree that babies need “continuous loving.” I think they just need to know that their mother is there and will acknowledge them. They just need enough love so they don’t feel like they are being ignored. Babies just need enough love to reassure that their mother really does love them and want to have a great relationship with them.
I disagree that someone who doesn’t get enough love will become angry and hate everyone. Babies, when they grow up will either just have low self esteem or very high self esteem because they can't really connect with others. They find it very hard to understand what love really means. One will try to mold others into loving them because their mothers didn’t show them love.
I disagree with the “characteristics of love.” It says that love is unconditional, which isn’t necessarily true because you can have conditional love too. People want unconditional relationships but usually end up in a conditional one. We have to learn how to love ourselves first before we go and try to love other people. Scriptural?
The article is not scriptural in my opinion. The article has a lot of facts about love, opinions and suggestions from others. The article does well explaining how us as humans develop relationships with other people and our mothers, with that being said it determines how loving we will be in a relationship with someone or the path we choose to go down The article could have used the verse Proverbs 13:24 which says
“Those who love their children care enough to discipline them”…...

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