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Gaining Access to a Large Market

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Gaining access to an audience it has coveted for years, Apple Inc. said it has reached an agreement to sell the iPhone through China Mobile Ltd., the world's largest mobile phone carrier with 763 million subscribers.
The deal also promises to deepen Apple's complex relationship with a population that has been essential to its success over the last decade.
Apple has transformed itself partly by moving most of its product manufacturing to third-party companies based in China.
That move gave Apple a supply chain with speed, cost and flexibility that was second to none.

The China Mobile deal is huge for Apple because it provides what they've never had: broad distribution in China with the country's largest carrier."
Critics often noted that the cost of iPhones, and their limited availability, made them inaccessible to the people who built them.
After becoming chief executive two years ago, Tim Cook, who had overseen Apple's manufacturing relationships in his previous role at the company, made it a priority to improve working conditions and reboot the company's relationship with China's workers. At the same time, he stepped up efforts to forge ties with China Mobile that had eluded the company for so long.

The iPhone has been available on the networks of small China Mobile competitors as far back as 2009.
This year for the first time, when Apple launched its iPhone 5c and 5s in September, the new phones went on sale in China the same day they were available in the rest of the world. In addition, many analysts saw the creation of a gold iPhone as a move aimed at Asian markets, where the color is considered lucky.,0,4272360.story#ixzz2odz3Dv3v

Apple leadership, press release
Apple summary…...

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