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|Kasim Reed |226 Peachtree Street, SW |Atlanta Police Department |
|Mayor |Atlanta, Georgia 30303 |George Turner |
| |(404) 817-6900 |Chief of Police |

May 19, 2009
John Blasingame
2759 Engle Rd. NW
Atlanta Ga. 30318

Atlanta Police Department Case #:

To whom this may concern,

The Zone-1 Investigations Unit has received the crime you reported to our agency. I have reviewed the incident as reported, but at this time there is not enough evidence to locate a suspect. There are a number of variables for the investigation of Fraud cases. These include, but are not limited to, jurisdiction over the crime, the identity and location of any suspects, the availability of any real leads in the case, the amount of actual loss, the location of the person and company suffering the actual loss. Although many citizens report that they have been the victims of a financial crime, the merchants or companies that are used in the crime are the ones who usually suffer the actual loss. This means that if a suspect passes a forged check or uses a stolen credit card, the account holder does not usually have to take a direct financial loss. The bank or the merchant where these items were used assumes the loss. Also the fact that you reside or work in Atlanta does not always mean that the crime occurred here. Jurisdiction is usually where the crime actually took place. Although this crime has already occurred, there are some things you can do to reduce your potential for becoming a victim again.

• Be mindful of the security of your checks, ID’s, and credit cards. Avoid leaving these items in your car, even if you hide it under your seat. Criminals know this. Don’t carry all your credit cars with you. Keep all your financial records in a secure place. • Do not carry your Social Security cards or birth certificates with you. These items are too easy to make use of if you lose them. • Limit your use of personal checks to paying bills. When you write a check for goods or services in person you are giving out your personal information. The merchant you are providing it to cannot guarantee who may access or use that information. • Reconsider the use of “Check Cards” that function like credit cards but directly access your checking account. They are easy to use, but they do not require a PIN number and the funds come right out of your checking account. This is sometimes difficult to resolve and you may lose the use of the account for a period of time. Many merchants now accept regular ATM cards with a use of a PIN number. • If you buy merchandise via the Internet, such as from merchants or auctions, always try to make payment with a credit card (not a check card). If you don’t receive the merchandise or the merchandise you receive is not as advertised you may have charged-back rights. If you have sent cash, checks, or money orders, it may be difficult to successfully resolve any problems. Only do business with an established company that has a physical address, i.e. Sears, Bass Pro Shop or J. C. Penney. • Do not give out your personal or financial information over the telephone or Internet if you are not sure of the recipient. Remember that other parties can easily monitor portable and cellular telephones. • Pull a copy of your credit reports at least once a year. In addition to spotting criminal activity, you may find other errors that need to be corrected. If you find errors or evidence of fraudulent activity, pull copies every 90 days until the problems are resolved. The three major credit reporting services area: o Transunion 800-68-7289 o Equifax 800-685-5000 o Experian 888-311-4769 (press option 4) • Other numbers that may help are: o Federal Trade Commission 877-438-4338 o Social Security Administration o Fraud Hotline 800-269-0271 o Georgia Governor’s Office of consumer affairs 404-656-3790 The Atlanta Police Department is committed to providing quality law enforcement service to our citizens and out-of-city guests, and I sincerely regret that you have been the victim of a crime. If you have additional information that was not in the original incident report, or your Financial Institution has information and you think it would assist in the investigation of your case, you may call our office at (404) 658-6486. You may also choose to fax your information to 404-658-6490. Please include your case number in all correspondence. If there are any significant changes in the status of your case you will be contacted.

Investigator J. D. Harrell
Criminal Investigations Unit
Zone - 1…...

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