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1. Explain the relationship between continental drift and the formation of the Earth’s Oceans?
The relationship between continental drift and the formation of Earth’s Oceans comes from the plate movement that occurred in Earth which is called plate tectonics. All of the landmasses were grouped together into one vast supercontinent called Pangea. Over millions of years the land started to split into many different countries and it also divided Panthalassa, the single great ocean that surrounded the continent Pangea, into many different oceans and that’s why now we have different oceans and countries around the world.

2. How did volcanoes affect the origins of the seas?
Volcanoes affected the origins of the seas because volcanoes poured huge amounts of steam into the atmosphere and as the Earth cooled down the steam turned to water vapor that condensed as droplets and began to fall as rain. This downpour lasted for many thousands of years filling great hollows in the land and thus forming the world's first seas.

3. Describe the hydrologic cycle as if you were a particle of water going through it.
If I were a particle of water traveling through the hydrologic cycle I would first float on top of the ocean and be absorbed by the sun’s heat. I would be lifted up into the air as water vapor and as the air cools, I would join up as a water droplet that forms clouds. As I get into the cloud, when it gets too full I would fall back onto the ground as rain or a…...

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