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Foxy Original Case

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Problem Statement
Retailers are upset that Foxy is selling their products at festivals for a lower price. Retailers believe this is tarnishing their image and cannibalizing their sales during the summer. The decision that needs to be addressed is the partners need to decide whether to continue selling at festivals and to retailers at different prices or to focus on a single distribution method.

Situation Analysis
Opportunities: * To distribute product at higher end festivals * Develop a third line for festivals * Expand the target market as trends grow
* Background experience in the business and in design/production of jewellery * Unique product in the industry * Cost effective products * Small production costs * Direct relationship to customers through festivals and retail clients * They represent their own company/products * Low cost allows high mark up for retailers (industry avg 150%)
* Young, minimal life experience * Low end festivals can damage the brands image * A Tarnished retail product, occurring from cheaper sold products at Foxy’s festivals * Conflicting methods of distribution

Current Financial Situation

Alternative #1
Sara and Julie have the option to attend only three festivals during the summer months instead of the seven that they currently attend. From this they can focus more on increasing sales with their retailers.

Qualitative: Pros | Cons | * Less time wasted at festivals that do not bring in much revenue * Focus more on building relationships with retailers | * Less festivals means less contact with people to give feedback about the designs |

Choosing the top three most valuable festivals Festival | Sales Volume | Beaches art and craft show | = 2,616 | Oakville Festival | = 2,057 | Friendship…...

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