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Title: write a properly referenced essay on the treatment and

Management of a patient with corns.

Ref: Google scholar.
Ref: own.
Ref: same.

Corns start forming due to wearing shoes that are too small

For us, high heel shoe and shoes with hard soles are not very

good for our feet. Women are renowned for squeezing their

Feet into shoes that are too tight and too high, you can also get

corns through standing for long periods of time,

Increased friction and pressure on the feet is not good for us.

as the skin starts to get thicker on the soles of our feet or

hands it hardens up to form a callus or corn, the small toe is susceptible

to getting a corn ! Maybe!! Because the toe gets squashed

while our feet are in the shoes.

Some people opt for surgery to remove these; as some corns

can get very big and are very painful to walk on.

A corn is a small area of skin that has become thicker over

time due to the constant pressure on the feet. You have two

kinds of corns,

Hard corns commonly occur on the dorsum of the

interphalangeal joints of the toes on the planter surface of the

foot beneath the matartarsal heads.

And you have Soft corns, these type of corns normally form

between the toes, this area is soft and moist because of the

sweat from our bodies, we have to be careful with the soft

corns as these can become infected, corns that are not treated

will become painful if pressure is remaining.

To remove the corn you will need to soak the effected foot in

warm antiseptic water for about 10 min, this softens the area

as you will need to dig out the plug of the dead skin bit by bit,

you shave the top off a tiny bit at a time with a scalpel, you will

need to remove the keratinized epidermal cells, this treatment

will help if you administer 5% potassium hydroxide aqueous

solution a few min before you start reducing the size of the

corn, if you thought that this corn is deeper than you

anticipated you will need to apply 15-30% salicylic acid, this

will make it totally painless.

When the corn as been taken out, run the scalpel around the

edges so it looks tidy.

The healing process takes between 5-7 days and may need to

be repeated; when the procedure is complete you can now add

25% or 50% silver nitrate solution, this will shrink the walls of

the cavity and the healing process can begin.

Depending where the corn is, a cushioning pad or insole will

help to cushion the skin and help the corn to heal.

If you have a corn between your toes you will need to relieve

the pressure by putting a sleeve around it or a splint to keep

your toes apart so the area where the corn was can heal.

Foam wedges or silicone wedges may also be used for corns on

the toes to relieve the pressure, after the corn is treated with

the antibiotic solution and the padding applied you can also

advise them on getting an antibiotic cream to lessen the risk of


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