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Program Description – I will be building a state of the art gaming computer. I will calculate the total prices based on the total input for each test case. After each test case has been formulated it will end in the total expected output of each test case. Analysis – The input of this program will consist of the base price ($500.00), the (OS $101.79), the (HD $79.99), and the (Processor $189.00. After all the choices have been selected, the program will determine the total cost of that option.
The required output for the program will be the total cost of the state of the art gamming computer. The program will then determine the total cost of the state of the art gaming computer by using the following computation: TotalCost = BasePrice+OS+HD+Processor.

Flow chart

The main module executes and setups necessary variables. It then calls getInput function which asks user about details of computer parts. The output function displays the total along with the details.

Pseudo - code

Declare array computerItems[]="CPU","Case","Power supply","Motherboard","DVD","Sound Card","Monitor","Graphics Card" as string
Declare array computerPrice[]=175.00, 90.00,70.00,142.99,99.99,60.00,154.00,214.99 as double
Declare array computerSelected[8]=0 as integer initialized to 0
Declare array otherItems[]="Hard Disk - 500GB","Hard Disk - 1TB","Hard Disk - 1.5TB","RAM - 4MB","RAM - 8MB","RAM - 12MB","OS - Windows7","OS - Red Hat Linux","OS - Windows XP" as string
Declare array otherPrice[]=98,128,148,80,90,100,199.99,349,319 as double
Declare arrayu otherSelected[9]=0 as integer initialized to 0

Module Main() Declare totalPrice as double Set totalPrice=0 Call totalPrice=getInput() Call output(totalPrice)
End Main()

Module double getInput() Declare price as double
Set price=0 Declare ch as character Declare i as integer for i=0 to 8 Display computerItems[i],” (y/n) : " Input ch If ch=='Y' Set price=price + computerPrice[i] Set computerSelected[i]=1 End if End for loop DISPLAY…...

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