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Flame Colors

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A flame test is an analytical technique to identify the presence of metal ions in a sample by heating the sample with a flame and examining the color of the flame. It is also used to visually determine the identity of an unknown metal or metalloid ion based on the characteristic color the salt turns the flame of an alcohol lamp. The heat of the flame excites the metals ions, causing them to emit visible light. The characteristic emission spectra can be used to differentiate between some elements. Different metal electrons emit different wavelengths of light to return to their respective ground states, so the flame colors are varied. These flames can be used to produce atomic emission spectra of the elements combusted. Using known values of emission spectra, one can perform a flame test on un unknown substance, gather an emission spectrum from it, and determine which elements are in the unknown substance.


The smallest particle of an element that exist and still have the properties of the element called “Atom”. Electrons specify the chemical properties of atoms. Shells or energy level is the electrons in an atom that exist in layers. Usually, atoms do not eject radiation but there are ways of causing radiation to be ejected. The simplest thing to do is to heat the atoms. When an atom is heated, It soak up the energy causing its electron to get excited to positions of higher potential energy father away from the nucleus. At this point, the atom becomes shaky. Then, when an electron goes back to its ground level, it radiates the absorbed energy in the sort of light, which has a characteristic wavelength. This is the foundation of the flame test used to recognize the element. The quantity of energy absorbed will account for the presence of a spectral line. The emission spectrum may be used to observe the…...

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