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First Year University Statistics

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Start thinking about topics for stats due Wednesday
(3 columns for final stats poster)
Exploring measures of variability: Searching for consistency
-the performance does not vary much from the typical performance
- less variable
Measures of variability
-Interquartile rand
-Mean absolute deviation
-Standard deviation
Interquartile range: Lp=(n+1)p/100
Range and interquartile range: easy to calculate, influenced by outliers, do not consider every observation
Devations from the mean:
-devotions: measure the distance between an observed performance and the mean of its distribution, devation= performance- mean
-Mean absolute devation: Measure the average distance the values in a distribution are from their mean

Influence of outliers: Resistance: mean, MAD, SD
What do we do? Depends on the context, disclaimer.
Standard deviation is effected the most by outliers because you are squaring2
Do the analysis with the outlier and without and see what it does to your results.
Find out who the outlier is, exclude them and make sure you explain to the prof
Example: Nurses at a hospital want to know whether a newer, more expensive type of thermometer measures temperatures more precisely.
They want to know whether the new type provides more consistent temperature measurements than the cheaper alternative that they currently use.
Hypothesis testing:
Ho: the thermometer true SD are the same whether they are new or old
Ha: the new thermometers’ true SD is smaller than the old thermometers’ true standard deviation
Test statistics:= difference in standard deviation
=0.270-0.152= 0.118 degrees
Type 1& type 2 errors (null hypothesis is the same and we reject it=type 1) (fail to reject when we should of= type 2)
Consistency: use deciations from the mean instead of the…...

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