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Financial Functions Division

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Financial & Accounting Function Teams and Responsibilities

1. Operations Reporting Team
.Internal customer BU/departments to serve - Operations & Training, Stores
. Key Responsibilities a. Restaurant Accounting/invoice processing- Cash & Sales, Accounts Payable, Real Estate & Construction (Fixed Assets), Food & Paper and inventory, Crew Payroll/MPF and G&A expenses b. Daily/Weekly sales and key KPI decentralized reporting and monitoring c. Monthly Closing and Store P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Reporting and Review d. Monthly Restaurant Consulting-P&L Profitability opportunities and follow up action plans

2. Planning and Analysis Team
.Internal customer BU/departments to serve - Real Estate & Construction, Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain, IT
. Key Responsibilities a. Provide financial vision, insight and strategy, and lead annual business planning and budgeting process b. Monthly rolling forecasting (income projection) c. Quarterly business review and monthly financial commentary & presentation d. Provide key decision support via Pre and Post analysis of :- Capital Expenditure/Lease (new store development and re-imaging, IT), Marketing promotion programs and new menu items HR Benefits (including new bonus scheme) Menu price adjustment Food Suppliers contracts New Business projects (eg Food Delivery, Dessert Kiosks) e. Ongoing development and upgrade of financial process, tools and system improvement and business intelligence system for relevant users

3. Corporate Accounting Team
.Internal customer departments to serve and outside parties counterparts – US Head Office and Asia Pacific External Reporting, US Internal Audit, External Auditor, Tax Authority, Banker
. Key Responsibilities a. Development and/or implementation of Accounting…...

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