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Financial Costs of Assets

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MN10466 – Accounting & Organisations


The coursework requirement is to produce an essay of 2,000 words (excluding references). The title of the essay is:

“Should financial statements be based on historical costs or fair values?”

The starting point of the assignment will be the lectures given in Weeks 1-4. Some material will be provided on Moodle but you will be required to research the topic using books and journals that are available on-line via the library.

e will put you into groups. A list will be on . It is your responsibility to get together, organise the work and produce the essay.

If your group collapses follow the document ‘Appeal for Variation of Marks’ on Moodle.

The completed assignment must be submitted by one group member via the Assignment Tool on Moodle in PDF format by 3pm on Wednesday 20th March 2013

Please submit one PDF including the cover sheet, two pages of feedback (to be completed by David Bence), the essay and the learning log.

Use the Harvard (Bath) referencing style. See: The Learning Log should be submitted at the end of your assignment. The leaning log should show the record of the group meetings, the attendance of group members, agreed allocation of work, a record of the tasks completed and a statement of the benefit obtained by the group from completing the essay.

The learning log will not be marked but must be completed as part of the requirement of the assignment. Submissions without a learning log will score zero.

Assessment offences

Plagiarism, collusion and non-compliance with assessment regulations are offences under University regulations and where suspected, will be investigated under official procedures. Penalties vary depending on the severity of the offence but can include expulsion from the University.

*This mark has been confirmed by a second marker and is subject to agreement by the External Examiner and confirmation by the appropriate Examination Board

In submitting this work we certify that we have read and understood the entry in the relevant Student Handbook for the School of Management on Cheating and Plagiarism and that all material in this assignment is our own work, except where we have indicated with appropriate references. We agree that, in line with Regulation 15.3(e), our submission will be submitted to a Plagiarism Detection Service for quality assurance purposes.…...

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