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Section 1
In this section I will be looking at the functions and aspects of a successful business. Ranging from, what a manager does to what’s expected of them and how they factor in to a business’s planning and organisational structure.
Role of Management
The role of management within a business is largely dependent on the type of business. Small businesses are likely to have what is called a “flat structure” where employees have more than one role or skill and can take over duties from another employee if needs be.
Flat structures are especially popular with new businesses or “start-ups” where there are often people who have experience in the industry but are new to management. The Flat structure allows them to get hands on and build their business quickly, without going through a hierarchical structure.
Larger businesses, typically corporations, use a tall structure. This management style puts emphasis on the individual skills of employees and co-ordinating employees together in teams to complete tasks. The tall structure caters towards employees who have specialist skills to complete large tasks which couldn’t be accomplished otherwise. Within a tall structure there is a larger emphasis on performance than there would be in a flat structure.
Depending on the structure the style of the business, management will vary, however, outside of these structures there are common elements which are the basis for all forms of management;
Whether the business is a corner shop or an international conglomerate, good planning is the key to success. Planning within business refers to the process used by managers to identify and select appropriate goals and courses of action for an organisation.
All good business plans should look to accomplish 3 main goals; 1. Which goals should be pursued?…...

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