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English coursework.
Write an article for a newspaper describing an advert you love or loathe.

What a complete waste of time!
2013 Sainsbury’s Christmas advert: annoying, aggravating, and stupid.
Have you ever sat in front of the television and watched the worst advert I’ve ever seen (2013 Sainsbury’s advert). I completely loathe this advert. Before I saw this advert I thought since it was Christmas it was going to be the best advert I’ve ever seen, with wonderful lovely music. I expected it to be in a Sainsbury’s shop where lots of magical things actually happen because obviously it is Christmas and that is what I’m seeing in most Christmas adverts. To be honest the advert had no message in it. The only I actually got was the fact someone doesn’t know how to fix a Christmas tree and there were steps they could follow. It didn’t make any sense since one would walk into a shop and buy a Christmas tree, take it home, open it up and definitely find a manual in it. This completely made no sense!
The advert is basically this homemade video and it all started with a potbellied guy singing a Christmas carol and it was totally horrible he looked like he had been dragged to the set to sing the song... Have you ever sat in front of the television and watched an advert almost four minutes long that did not make any sense? All I see was annoying kids running around a building. You don’t know how much was spent just to make this advent. It cost a fortune that could actually build a house, be donated to charity. And sadly it was wasted on almost a four minute advert that was definitely not worth it. I couldn’t study the advert because it didn’t make sense children hopping around was the most useless thing ever. At some instance because the video was a home video the voice of the characters kind of faded and it became extra boring.
There only thing we saw in the advert was a group of nuclear families preparing for their day (Christmas). The adorable 'Smith' brother and sister are two of the stars of the Sainsbury's Christmas advert. We also
Find Kevin MacDonald. He kind of added a bit of enthusiasm and humour but at some bit of the advert it became boring and not funny anymore because he over did it.
There were no special effects to create tension or any other thing on the audience like the Christmas advert that came around the same time from marks and spencer. In the marks and spencer advert there was a basically quite nice celebrity that almost everyone knows it was easily followed and almost everyone knew what was happening because they had very different fairy tale themes such as snow white etc. can argue that there were no beautiful scenes in the Sainsbury’s advert and one doesn’t really have to expect a home video to be of good effects. However, in the marks and spencer advert there was quite a lot of changing of scenes everyone would definitely buy from the shop even by just watching the advert. They had different sets for different scenes and this does have effect on the audience because they are able follow and the scenes flow on through smoothly. The camera of the Sainsbury’s advert was used just like as it was since the beginning of the advert till the end.
I did not enjoy the advert why? Because it was totally boring and I didn’t know what was happening and how to follow through the scenes. I think there were good bits in the advert where Kevin McDonald added a bit of humour unlike the marks and spencer advert that begins with leggy model Rosie chasing her dog down the street on a cold winter’s night and then having to follow him down a manhole. Cue a nostalgic nod to Alice in Wonderland. As she stumbles down the rabbit hole, she then finds herself at a tea party hosted by the Mad Hatter, known as David Gandy. Red Riding Hood, Aladdin and The Wizard of Oz which sees Helena take on the role of the wizard we find out that everything was magical from beginning to the end of the advert.
There was nothing memorable in the Sainsbury’s advert because then again it made no sense it was just a normal homemade video that everyone can do when they are bored. However every bit of the marks and spencer advert was memorable I could to tell you exactly everything that happened from scene one to the very end. The most memorable bit was when she was in wonderland.
No one would want to watch the Sainsbury’s advert not even when the person is bored and has got nothing to do.
For the marks and spencer advert it could be compared to no other advert this Christmas it is indeed one of the best adverts I’ve seen all my life because the…...

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