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Federation Square

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Federation Square Project

Designed by Donald Bates and Peter Davidson – LAB Architecture Studio

Opened 26th of October 2002 Estimated cost - $473 million



1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY .................................................................................. 3

2 INTRODUCTION .............................................................................................. 4

3 PROJECT MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE AREAS ....................................... 5 3.1 PROJECT SCOPE MANAGEMENT ..................................................... 5 3.2 PROJECT TIME MANAGEMENT ......................................................... 6 3.3 PROJECT COST MANAGEMENT ........................................................ 7 3.4 PROJECT COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT ................................ 9

4 CONCLUSIONS ............................................................................................... 10

5 RECOMMENDATIONS .................................................................................... 11

6 REFERENCES ................................................................................................. 12





In 1996 the Victorian Government announced an open design competition to create an eye catching, multipurpose, iconic attraction within the Melbourne CBD that encompassed a range of recreational, cultural, commercial, multimedia and entertainment facilities (Report on Public Sector Agencies 2003). By the time the opening occurred on the 26th of October 2002 the project was $350 million…...

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