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Federal Trade Commission

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The Federal Trade Commission
The Federal trade commission or called the FTC was created in 1914. The Federal Trade Commission Act is the act that started this commission and its purpose was to prevent unfair methods of competition in commerce as a part of the battle to “bust the trusts.” They also did this act to enhance the informed consumer choice and public understanding of this competitive process; and another reason was to accomplish this without the unduly burdening of legitimate business activity. The FTC deals with issues that do with the touchline of pretty much every American in the USA. These guys from the Federal Trade commission do an awesome job of saving and protecting the rights of american consumers, whether it was a purchase of production made by someone like for example milk, or it is a service of some action that is provided in exchange for money , an example of this would be barbershop services. One of the main objectives for the federal trade commission is to oppose the creation of monopolies in the economy and trusts. The FTC makes sure that there is fair and healthy competition. Because it is one of the main factors for businesses to grow and introduce or provide better products and services.
The FTC has been one of the main federal agencies on privacy policy and on enforcement since the 70’s. First it really began with the execution of one of the main laws - the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The fair crudity reporting act or the FCRA insures fairness, accuracy, and promotes privacy in the federal trade bureaucracy. Since this act has been added the big changes in technology have raised new privacy challenges and concerns, but the FTC’s overall approach to these new problems have been consistent: The agency uses law enforcement or the police, policy initiatives like following the FCRA, and consumer business education to protect their consumers’ personal information for their privacy, which is very important because privacy of every citizen of the United States of America is one of the main priorities and it ensures that they have the confidence to take advantage of the many benefits of the ever-changing marketplace that changes a lot. Federals from that agency also do they dirty work of chasing of businessmen-scammers to put punishment on them.
The Federal Trade Commission is knee-deep in a providing of process to implement the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act passed by Congress last October. Which was designed to protect the privacy of children and kids under 13 years. As it was passed as a result online marketing techniques that were targeting children. Much of sites were collecting personal data from young users without parental knowledge and consent. Therefore Trade Commission established guidelines to help Web site operators. That is still an issue for FTC as this problem is very on a go. But that only unsolved issue out of thousands that were completed very professionally and on time.
The day before the St. Valentine’s Day a businessman named John Nelson Beck was escaped, reporting by police, being accused by FTC as he scammed about million people in get-rich-quick infomercial scheme. “John Beck’s Free & Clear Real Estate System” cost $39.95, plus shipping and handling, and came with written materials, CDs and DVDs. Complaint consumers who purchased his production and signed up to his coaching sessions each were scammed out of 267$. Now he is being reported absent and FTC still is in the process of chasing him down and bringing him to the court to face 113-million$ trial.
The Federal Trade Commission is a great federal project that does a lot of things in order to protect consumers rights not only in real life but also in virtual reality.…...

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