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Factors Affecting Brand Loyalty Among Small Scale Savers (a Case Study Bank)

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(A Case Study Bank)


The purpose of the study was to find out the factors affecting brand loyalty among small scale savers. This was a descriptive sample survey which targeted 100 customers of Equity bank Nairobi.

The specific objectives of this study were to establish who loyal customers to Equity are, to determine the factors that make the customer satisfied, to examine how awareness work to help brand loyalty and to determine what factors need to be improved to increase customer satisfaction in Equity Bank.

A questionnaire was used as an aid for data collection where both open ended and closed ended questions were used to collect qualitative data respectively. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics presented in tables and charts.

The results of the study revealed that Equity clients are generally satisfied with the company. However this satisfaction seems to have an effect on the number of clients who are willing to repurchase or re-patronize Equity products. In effect, the more satisfied customers are, the more loyal they are likely to be. In a highly competitive industry like banking, loyalty is everything. Loyalty facilitates positive word of mouth about the company. Loyalty has also had a positive effect on the bottom line of Equity Bank. Although the increase in profits year in year out has been below the targeted, it is in the right direction. One major factor of concern that needs to be looked at by the organization is the issue of pricing which seems to be a main point of contention.

About seventy-five percent (75%) of the respondents are satisfied with the overall service of Equity. A similar percentage feels that Equity deserves their loyalty; an indication of the correlation between customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Therefore this study recommends that the…...

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