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Eyes of the Dragon

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Luis Barba
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April 27, 2015
A Bitter Heart “He felt as if someone had reached into his chest and cut off a tiny piece of his heart and made him eat it. His heart tasted very bitter to him, and he hated Peter more than ever.” This vivid and alarming quote from The Eyes of the Dragon refers to a young man in the story by the name of Thomas. The quote portrays Thomas with strong feelings of rage, hatred, and most of all, jealousy. His jealousy is toward his older brother Peter, who is favored most by his father Roland. Although Peter and Thomas are brothers, they have little to nothing in common and have very diverse characteristics. Peter is tall, handsome, kind-hearted, and is heir to the throne. Whereas Thomas is short, round, unlucky, and resents his brother for constantly overshadowing him. To just about everyone in the kingdom, Peter is seen as superior to Thomas. Their father favored Peter so much more than Thomas that Thomas started to believe that his father did not love him. Thomas was heartbroken because “he wanted to make his father love him the way he loved Peter. In fact, Thomas would have been happy if their father had loved him even half as much.” This is the main cause of the sibling rivalry between the two brothers. One incident that added on to the sibling rivalry was when Thomas spent an entire day laboring and carving out a model sailboat as a gift for his father. This sailboat had great sentimental value to Thomas. Unfortunately when Thomas gave his father this sailboat, his father completely ignored it, said “it looked a little like a dog turd with a handkerchief sticking out of it”, and began talking to Thomas about Peter’s accomplishments. Thomas became so enraged at his brother that he was vulnerable and in need of a friend. This helps in the story’s progression because the story’s antagonist can take advantage of this…...

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