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When scrolling through a college catalogue one might stop and wonder, “Why exactly do I need to take a Literature class again? I have already taken English, isn’t that good enough?” At times the two classes might be confused as the same thing, yet in fact they are quite different. Literature is defined as “The body of written works of a language, period or culture.” and English is just simply “ A course or individual class in the study of English language, literature, or composition.” As students we study literature in order to unlock or discover a portion of history, understand and relate to the world around, and in return will gain knowledge and self awareness in the process.

It is important to study literature in order to unlock or discover a portion of history. There is not a single person that has lived long enough in order to write an entire history book, cover to cover. Instead it is like a puzzle, a compilation of pieces that are brought forth to make one large picture or story. Literature through the years has played a huge part in translating history. Through famous pieces of literature we can gather clues about the time period and make certain conclusions as to what was happening during that time. The four gospels of the New Testament of the Bible for example, is composed of 4 different authors points of views to describe the same time in history; each in their own unique point of view. However without those writings, we may not have been able to put together the ‘pieces of history.’ It is also important to study literature in order to understand and relate to the world around us. Literature allows us to peek into different cultures. Storytelling is a form of documenting for many. From the early times of cave drawings we see that as a human race we desire to communicate through writing in order to inform and instruct. literature is the vehicle to understanding why people decide to do or act a certain way. It allows us as readers to make generalizations about culture, values, and even fears.

Through the process if studying literature, students will gain knowledge and self awareness. Knowledge is power. Weather it be through learning about a different culture’s way of living, or by reading the history of a certain country or people group, students will become more aware of the world around. Even in their own culture or family it is important to read and understand what is going on around us. The goal is, for us to not make the same mistakes of our ancestors. Reading pieces of literature allows the reader to relate with the author or circumstance, in return giving them greater personal knowledge of self.

Students will take literature classes as long as they are required. Even if they at first assume it will be much like an english class. After deciding to take an literature class, a student can assume they will discover that is more than meets the eye. The study literature in order to unlock or discover a portion of history, understand and relate to the world around, and in return will gain knowledge and self awareness in the process. Therefore providing very important to becoming a well rounded student or individual.…...

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