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Professor Damion Mitchell wants you to develop a C++ program that enables a user to enter the name of two species, as well as the number of breed x and y that are involved in a cross breed experiment. By utilising exception handling techniques display “hybrid experiment is viable,” that is if both species are the same and breed x is greater than or equal to breed y; otherwise display “hybrid experiment is invalid and irrational.”
Question 2
Create a C++ program that accepts a family‘s information and consequently displays a four generation family tree of the specific family. Therefore your program should accept the name, family position (i.e. great-grandfather, grandfather, father or son) and age of each family member. With the utilisation of exception handling and other concepts you have learnt ensure that the age of a descendant is never greater than the ancestor.

Question 3
Write a C++ program that finds the square root of a number, as well as quotient of the number and by utilising exception handling avoid arithmetic fatal errors. For this program ensure the user does not divide by zero or tries to find the square root of a negative number. (Please note that the user will be required to enter the number, as well as the denominator for the number)
Question 4
Develop a C++ console application that populates a ten element array with the multiples of five that are less than fifty-five (55). Consequently display all the even numbers that are in the array by utilising pointers.
Question 5
Create a C++ program that accepts a sentence from a user and consequently with the aid of pointer(s) reverse the order of the words within the sentence. Furthermore display the reversed order of words.
Hint: Utilise the strtok() function.

Your Challenge
With the aid of pointers develop a C++ program that accepts five first names and consequently display the names of all the persons whose first name started with a vowel.…...

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