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Eth/316 Week 1 Dqs

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Week 1 DQs
1(A) How does ethical conduct affect your job? Consider both your own conduct and the conduct of others. What specific benefit do you hope to achieve from taking this course?
My Answer:
Ethical conduct effects my job on a everyday stand point I own and run a computer repair shop, therefore if I was to have unethical conduct I would not have any customers and it would give my business a bad reputation. My business depends on my conduct because it is a small business that my husband and I run together. We put our customers first and listen to their needs. We also honor quality work and try to be understanding and take time to make each of our customers feel like they are special because they are special without them we would not have a business. I am not sure what specific benefits that I hope to receive from this class but I do believe that it will help me learn more about how to be a successful business owner.

1(B) Based upon what you have read so far, how do you think the study of ethics might be different from other courses you have taken? How does that modify your approach to the course?
My Answer:
I believe that it is going to be different because we are learning about ethics and conduct where with other classes we learned about what to do in a business such as accounting and such. With this class we get the chance to learn how to act and treat others in a business way. I believe that everyone who is a business owner should take this class to learn about how to suceed with a positive conduct and morals. It makes me want to pay closer attention and learn everything that I can because even tho I consider myself to be a very likable person I know that there is always something new to learn and in business things are a little different then it is with friends.

1(C) The Syllabus says that an objective for this week is to be able to describe…...

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