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Establishing Ground Rules and Identifying Learning Resources for All Learners

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Establishing Ground Rules and Identifying Learning Resources for all Learners

Assessment 2


Assignment 2: Establishing Ground Rules and Identifying Learning Resources for all Learners.

My job is to teach functional skills in numeracy and literacy at level 1, and key skills ICT. This is done by using computers so the health and safety is done at the very start of the session along with the location of restrooms, what to do in the event of the fire alarm going off and where the emergency exits are.
It is at this point that the ground rules are established. These are set taking into consideration the diversity of the group and how they interact with each other. As we use computers there is to be no drink or food allowed, this also encourages them to get up from their seat to make themselves a drink. It is also requested that they either switch their mobile phones to silent or off completely. Another ground rule is no derogatory remarks or comments, this helps to encourage a support environment. Learners are also encouraged to add their own ground rules to the list as this makes them feel a certain responsibility to the group and that they have ownership of the rules, however, final decisions will always remain with me.
An explanation is given for each of the ground rules laid down, i.e., drinking near pc’s can result in spillage, damage to the computers or other learners, and mobile phones going off is a distraction to other learners. However as I teach ICT, mobile phones are allowed to be used to aid with the learning process; there are some useful apps that the learner can access and the calculator function on the phones is also useful.
As a teacher it is my legal responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of my learners, this extends to safeguarding them from physical, emotional, discrimination,…...

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