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Environmental Hazards

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Pollution of indoor residential air is becoming more recognized as an environmental health risk in vulnerable populations such as infants.
Infants spend an estimated 90 percent or more of time inside homes and or daycare agencies. This large amount of time spent indoors poses an even greater risk due to the increased exposure to home environmental risks such as lead, carbon monoxide, radon, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds.

Lead, a neurotoxin that affects both the central and peripheral nervous system. lead exposure effects IQ, cognition, attention, memory, learning disabilities, aggressive behavior, and delinquency.

neurological impairments autoimmune reaction long term neuro-cognitive changes. Cardivascular injury
Respiratory Illness

Carbon monoxide (CO) cause serious health damages to the neurological and cardiovascular systems.
Neurological symptoms such as fatigue, headache, confusion, and dizziness, High doses of CO exposure results in loss of consciousness, coma, neuropsychiatric and behavioral impairment, and death.

* Exposure to pesticides include headache, dizziness, nausea, papillary constriction, and excessive perspiration and salivation. (CDC, 2007). * Severe exposures can result in muscle weakness, bronchospasms, convulsions, and death. Acute ingestion or inhalation exposure can result in asthma symptoms, neurological symptoms such as tremor, salivation, and seizures. Dermal exposure can also result in abnormal skin sensations such as burning, rash, and skin irritation (CDC, 2008).
Cezar-Vaz, M., Alves Bonow, C., Fontella Sant' Anna, C., Pereira Rocha, L., Capa Verde de Almeida, M., & Santos da Silva, M. (2013). Environmental health in public health community practice: An integrative review of the literature. Health (1949-4998), 5(9), 1422-1432. doi:10.4236/health.2013.59194
(Allison Del Bene Davis, 2007)
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(Allison Del Bene Davis, Home Environmental Health Risks, 2007) (Allison Del Bene Davis, Home Environmental Health Risks, 2007)

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Davis, A. (2009). Home Environmental Health Risks of People With Developmental Disabilities Living in Community-Based Residential Settings: Implications for Community-Health Nurses. Journal Of Community Health Nursing, 26(4), 183-191.…...

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