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Submitted by: Camela R. De Guzman BSIT-4 Introduction Automobile, Inc., a national firm that markets a software package for car dealers. The manual records that it maintains do not accurately reflect the inventory status - the numbers and types of automobiles and trucks on the lot. When a new shipment arrives, it takes several days to update the inventory records. A salesperson might have a buyer, who wants a particular car, and the car may be on the lot, but the salesperson will never know it. A sale is lost because of poor information. Another problem arises when two salespersons sell the same car to two buyers. This happens because the inventory records are not updated immediately after a sale.
The following are the problems encountered under the present system: * Do not accurately reflect the inventory status. * It takes several days to update the inventory records. * Poor information. * Sell the same car to two buyers.
In SMART, these problems are easy to solve. In view of the fact that SMART is an internationally competitive and credible in software business around globe we assure our clienteles that we will be giving only the best out of our products. The SMART (Sales Management for Automobile Retail Trade) is the primary tool information source of business professionals who routinely engage in controlling the flow of information into, around and out of your systems.
SMART is leading integrated media software, focused on your business. The company provides important tools supporting to maintain records needed for quality control and adding credibility to your business.
The Solutions: Once you purchase this SMART software package, the company’s computer records are updated form a keyboard terminal as soon as a transaction or a sale is made.…...

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