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1. Using an example, explain the difference between management and leadership.

The difference between management and leadership is that leadership is the ability to influence and direct people in order to meet the goals of a group. Whereas management is the process through which company resources are used and decisions made in order to meet the objectives of a firm. For example the can with enterprise there can be leadership throughout the company it is not just senior managers it is when somebody takes the initiative to guide the group to meet objectives were as managers are usually above in the company's hierarchy the people that they are managing for example in enterprise that would be the senior managers.

2. Suggest circumstances in which leaders within an organisation might wish to use a autocratic leadership style. An Autocratic management style is when a leader makes a decision alone. The leader does not consult the workforce but instead conveys the decision and the workforce has to follow. This is good in environments when a decision needs to be made quickly this is because when the workforce is not consulted it speeds up the whole process or it would also work in environments where the workforce is low skilled and does not have the knowledge to make these decisions themselves this management style does not work in high skilled environments were the staff can make decisions for themselves as this could lead to an unmotivated workforce. For a highly skilled workforce a democratic style would work best.

4. Evaluate when a laissez-faire management style might provide an opportunity to provide customers with better customer…...

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