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School: School of Arts and Humanities Course Number: ENGL101 Course Name: Proficiency in Writing Credit Hours: 3 Length of Course: 8 Weeks Prerequisite: COLL100 is recommended

Table of Contents

Course Description Course Scope Course Objectives Course Delivery Method Course Materials

Evaluation Procedures Grading Scale Course Outline Policies Academic Services Selected Bibliography

Table of Contents

Course Description (Catalog)

ENGL101 Proficiency in Writing (3 hours) This course provides instruction in the writing process with a focus on self-expressive and

expository essays, and will include practice in the conventions of standard written English, responding to readings, and incorporating sources into essays with appropriate documentation. Table of Contents Course Scope

This course gives students practice in the conventions of Standard Written English, responding to readings, and incorporating sources into essays with appropriate documentation. Thus the course prepares students for writing effectively in all undergraduate courses by sharpening the writing skills necessary to answer essay examinations, dialogue with reading assignments, and write term papers. Table of Contents Course Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

CO-1: Recognize and formulate the kind of writing required to respond properly to college-level assignments, examinations, and projects. (Essay types) CO-2: Use a process of writing from pre-writing (i.e. brainstorming) ideas to polishing a final draft. CO-3: Demonstrate writing techniques explained in this class through finished writing projects that are clear, concise, and convincing. (Thesis statements, organization, structure.) CO-4: Draw conclusions and present ideas from a variety of texts and discover a new way of reading with pleasure and understanding CO-5: Decipher texts for meaning. CO-6: Demonstrate proper documentation for researched writing assignments and proper MLA format for all assignments.

Table of Contents

Course Delivery Method

This course delivered via distance learning will enable students to complete academic work in a flexible manner, completely online. Course materials and access to an online learning management system will be made available to each student. Online assignments are due by Sunday evening of the week as noted in the syllabus and include Discussion Forum questions (accomplished in groups through a threaded discussion board), examination, and individual assignments submitted for review by the Faculty Member. Assigned faculty will support the students throughout this eight-week course.

Table of Contents

Course Materials

Required Course Textbooks Russell, Karin L. Write Now: Read. Think. Research. Communicate. New York: McGraw Hill, 2012. (This book is available as an e-book in Lessons.) Required Readings Required readings are embedded in the Course Overview Table below. Additional Resources and Websites Additional supplemental readings and relevant websites are found in the weekly Course Lessons. Software Requirements Microsoft Word (if you don't have MS Word, please save all files as a Text file (.txt) or a Rich Text Format (.rtf). NOTE: All docs must use MS Word or RTF (not Microsoft Works or WordPerfect). Adobe Reader -- Go to to download the latest version. This download is free. Table of Contents

Evaluation Procedures

Please see the student handbook to reference the University’s grading scale. Grading: Students will write four essays in the course of the semester as well as numerous short writing activities. Each essay will require the student to work through a designated process of planning, composing, revising, and polishing. Based on a percentage system, your final grade will be calculated as follows: Assignment One essay (10% each) Three essays (20% each) Fifteen Forum assignments Total = Percentage of total course grade: 10% 60% 30% 100%

Individual assignments will be graded according to rubrics which are designed to meet the requirements of each assignment. Please see each individual assignment for points possible and the internal rubric for that assignment. The success of this course hinges on the constant exchange of your work with the professor, who gives you feedback and tips for improvement. You must plan to work at this course continuously; you cannot succeed by working in fits and starts. If you plan to do a little work daily and regularly, you will accomplish much. GRADING STANDARDS All work, including Forum discussion posts, should be in complete, grammatical sentences.

Essays: About Sources: When using sources in your essays, do not use Wikipedia or the open web. Use only articles found through searches using the ProQuest and EBSCO article databases through the APUS Online Library, or other specialized online databases available through the library as specified in the individual assignment. If you are having difficulties using the online library databases to find sources, please contact for help. MLA Format:

All essays should be submitted in MLA format, which includes (if sources are used) in-text documentation and a Works Cited page. Review the MLA section in your Russell text, and see the sample essay template that is included in your Assignments page. Note that only those works which are cited in your text can be included in the Works Cited page. Please note that all essays must be double spaced, with paragraphs indented. It is the professor's responsibility to help a student write the best paper he/she can write or wants to write. You may notice that as the semester progresses, your essays are graded more strictly. This is because your work should improve as you meet the objectives for this course. In other words, in order to get an A in this class, you need to demonstrate that you are learning. If errors persist from essay to essay, your essay may be returned for revision before being graded. The use of Turnitin is required for ENGL101. Please see your instructor’s Announcements for instructions on how your paper is to be submitted to Turnitin, as well as a class number and password. Your instructor may recommend that you contact the tutoring services available through the library portal. Students who have utilized this resource have significantly improved their writing and raised their grades. You can find more about tutoring at the APUS Online Library homepage, and you can also contact your advisor to help you arrange for a tutor.

Essay Feedback: Your instructor will use MS Word Track Changes and/or Comments when reviewing your paper. Instructions for obtaining essay feedback can be found in instructor Announcements.

When turning in essays, make sure to use the assignment links to submit work for grading. Table of Contents 8 – Week Course Outline

Topic Week

Learning Objectives



Text Readings: Russell (in course ebook): Chapters 1 and 2 pp. 56-58 Introduction, Writing Process, Writing to Share Experience CO-1 CO-5 pp. 355-359 Websites: See the information literary tutorials in the online library. Student Handbook: Academic Dishonesty & Plagiarism nt-handbook/writingstandards/index.htm#Acad emic_Dishonesty

For complete details of weekly assignments, see the weekly Course Lessons. Forums: Plagiarism Acknowledgement Week 1a: Introductions, the writing process Week 1b: Writing to share experience


Text Readings: Russell: Chapters 3 and 5 Editing Guide A, Editing Sentences pp. 396-401 Editing Guide C, Editing Punctuation (Commas) pp. 415-417 Plagiarism pp. 339-341 “Once More to the Lake” by E.B. White, pp. 97-100 “Androgynous Man” by Noel Perrin pp. 243-244

Forums: Week 2a: Sentence structure and comma usage Week 2b: Plagiarism, MLA format, and Using the Library

Sentence Structure, Comma Usage, Plagiarism, MLA Format 2

CO-2 CO-6

Essay 1/checklist due Sunday Week 2


Writing to Inform, Thesis Statements, MLA Citation

Text Readings: CO-2 Russell: Chapters 6 and 13 MLA, pp. 339-359

Forums Week 3a:Thesis statements, MLA intext citations Week 3b: Essay 2 peer review



MLA Citation, cont. Evaluating Sources, Writing in Paragraphs

CO-3 CO-4 CO-6

Text Readings: Russell: Chapters 6 and 14 MLA Works Cited, pp. 345-359 Evaluating Research Sources, pp. 327-330 Developing a Works Cited Page, p. 380 (reading only) Editing Guide C. Editing Grammar, Pronouns (Pronoun Case), pp. 406408 Writing a Paragraph, pp. 50-53 Outside article from any popular media source, print or television.

Forums: Week 4a: Evaluating sources Week 4b: Writing in paragraphs

Essay 2/checklist due Sunday Week 4

Text Readings: Russell 11 Chapters 4 and

Forums Week 5a: Writing to evaluate Week 5b: Essay 3 peer review


Writing to Evaluate, Effective Transitions

CO-1 CO-2 CO-3

Evaluating Research Sources, pp. 327-328

Transitions, pp. 51-53

Text Readings: CO-2 Revising, Proofreading 6 CO-4 Russell Chapters 7, 8, and 12 Revising pp. 27-28 CO-5 CO-6 Writer’s Checklist for a Research Paper p. 381 Proofreading pp. 28-30

Forums Week 6a: Revising your writing Week 6b: Proofreading Essay 3/checklist due Sunday Week 6

Text Readings: Persuasive Writing , Writing to Show Cause and Effect, Writing for Clarity CO-1 CO-4 CO-5 Russell: Chapter 9 and 10 “The Globalization of Eating Disorders” by Susan Bordo, pp. 203- 205 Advertising images on pp. 77, 250-251 Editing Guide B. Editing Sentences and Words 399405 Forums: Week 7a: Persuasive writing Week 7b: Essay 4 peer review



Preparing for ENGL102, Course Reflection

CO-2 CO-3 CO-6

Text Readings: Russell: Chapters 2 and 10

Forum: Week 8: Persuasive writing and course reflection

Essay 4/checklist due by Sunday Week 8

For complete details of weekly assignments, see the weekly Course Lessons for Week 1-8. Table of Contents Policies

Please see the Student Handbook to reference all University policies. Quick links to frequently asked question about policies are listed below.

Drop/Withdrawal Policy Plagiarism Policy Extension Process and Policy Disability Accommodations

Writing Expectations In this course you are learning to write at a college level, and thus it is understood that you will write in complete, grammatical sentences and orderly paragraphs, without using slang, jargon, or texting conventions that abbreviate or misspell (u for you, i instead of I, thru instead of through, and the like.) You have a great resource in the Russell textbook, so please, if you are not sure about something, check the textbook. Please note also that college level writing involves learning to do college level research. Open web sources like Wikipedia,, and are not appropriate for college level research. You must use the university online library for all research, and you are expected to learn to navigate the library and become familiar with the databases that it contains. You can also find helpful tutorials, style references, and links to tutoring within the library website, so please make that one of your first destinations.

Citation and Reference Style

Students will follow MLA as the sole citation and reference style used in written work submitted as part of coursework for this class. Assignments completed in a narrative essay or composition format must follow the citation style cited in the Write Now textbook or the MLA Handbook.

Late Assignments Students are expected to submit classroom assignments by the posted due date and to complete the course according to the published class schedule. If you need additional time to complete an assignment, please contact me before the due date so we can discuss the situation and determine an acceptable resolution.

Netiquette Online universities promote the advance of knowledge through positive and constructive debate-both inside and outside the classroom. Discussions on the Internet, however, can occasionally degenerate into needless insults and “flaming.” Such activity and the loss of good manners are not acceptable in a university setting--basic academic rules of good behavior and proper “Netiquette” must persist. Remember that you are in a place for the fun and excitement of learning that does not include descent to personal attacks, or student attempts to stifle the discussion of others. Please also remember that your role in the class as a student precludes criticizing or correcting the work of others; you are encouraged to offer positive feedback and helpful suggestions, but it is not appropriate that you tell others that their work is incorrect or that their work does not meet the assignment requirements. Humor Note: Despite the best of intentions, jokes and--especially--satire can easily get lost or taken seriously. If you feel the need for humor, you may wish to add “emoticons” to help alert your readers: ;-), : ), 

Disclaimer Statement Course content may vary slightly from the outline to meet the needs of a particular class section.

Table of Contents

Online Library

The Online Library is available to enrolled students and faculty from inside the electronic campus. This is your starting point for access to online books, subscription periodicals, and Web resources that are designed to support your classes and generally not available through search engines on the open Web. In addition, the Online Library provides access to special learning resources, which the University has contracted to assist with your studies. Questions can be directed to

  

Charles Town Library and Inter Library Loan: The University maintains a special library with a limited number of supporting volumes, collection of our professors’ publication, and services to search and borrow research books and articles from other libraries. Electronic Books: You can use the online library to uncover and download over 50,000 titles, which have been scanned and made available in electronic format. Electronic Journals: The University provides access to over 12,000 journals, which are available in electronic form and only through limited subscription services. Tutoring is available in the following subjects: math (basic math through advanced calculus), science (biology, chemistry, and physics), accounting, statistics, economics, Spanish, writing, grammar, and more. Additional information is located in the Online Library. From the Online Library home page, click on either the “Writing Center” or “Tutoring Center”.

Request a Library Guide for your course ( The AMU/APU Library Guides provide access to collections of trusted sites on the Open Web and licensed resources on the Deep Web. These are specially tailored for academic research at APUS:

 

Program Portals contain topical and methodological resources to help launch general research in the degree program. To locate, search by department name or navigate by school. Course Lib-Guides narrow the focus to relevant resources for the corresponding course. To locate, search by class code (e.g., SOCI111) or class name.

If a guide you need isn't available yet, let us know by emailing the APUS Library: Table of Contents

Selected Bibliography Additional supplemental readings and relevant websites are found in the weekly Course Lessons.

Table of Contents…...

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The Bipolar Box: Television's Influence on America

...THE BI-POLAR BOX: TELEVISION’S INFLUENCE ON AMERICA Michael S. Barrett ENGL101- B18 May 29, 2012 Television is a powerful tool that can be used for good or for evil, and in and of itself cannot be good or bad any more than a hammer can be good or bad. In the early sixties, during television’s infancy, there only a handful of televisions manufacturers and the sets were costly to own. Most families had only set if they had any. Ever improving technology and access to programming has created a tremendous market for producers of televisions. Technological advances in electronic circuitry have allowed televisions to be manufactured less expensively opening a flood gate of companies that sell sets. Owners of “smartphones” can even view the same programming on their telephone that they see at home. This provides yet another avenue of influence for television programmers. Americans have an average of three televisions per household according to surveyor and television ratings company A. C. Nielsen in a study released in 2010. According to Nielsen, 54 percent of American homes have at least three televisions while only 18 percent of homes had one or less sets. This number is up 43 points from a similar survey conducted in 1975. Clearly, television has become one of the dominant forms of media in the United States and probably has some effect on viewers but whether the effect is negative or positive is yet to be determined. Also according to Nielsen more people will be......

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