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Engineer Salary Survey

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Engineer Salary Survey

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Engineering Salary Survey Results
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> Application Engineer > Autocad Designer > Autocad Drafter > Auxilary Operator > Boiler Engineer > Boiler Tech > Bop Engineer > Bop Engineering Manager > Business Analyst > Business Dev. Manager > Buyer > Cad Designer > Cad Drafter > Ceo > Cfo > Chemical Engineer > Chemist > Chemistry Manager > Civil Engineer

$60,126 $47,222 $38,913 $52,800 $55,457 $46,886 $62,876 $82,103 $61,075 $92,814 $50,212 $55,923 $41,111 $616,904 $167,195 $67,263 $56,803 $73,813 $58,139

1281 878 954 140 490 475 121 87 747 210 217 427 261 209 123 631 117 75 1780

$48,359 $39,011 $35,575 $48,714 $42,203 $39,390 $42,000 $45,857 $49,663 $47,000 $41,018 $53,186 $35,969 $71,500 $92,833 $51,639 $50,061 $66,778 $48,059

$54,547 $44,983 $38,595 $52,350 $50,070 $41,422 $51,150 $61,333 $58,585 $81,000 $48,273 $54,028 $42,552 $147,182 $630,333 $62,570 $55,227 $51,429 $53,527

$66,294 $48,626 $39,077 $53,583 $54,330 $48,130 $64,667 $65,556 $70,638 $87,212 $52,550 $54,188 $43,791 $430,565 $150,050 $71,188 $53,944 $67,235 $62,361

$70,849 $47,433 $44,938 $54,852 $57,383 $49,441 $73,500 $80,958 $78,411 $98,788 $56,692 $58,971 $45,707 $607,000 $143,842…...

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