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Email Marketing Campaigns

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Email Marketing Campaign

There are many reasons for doing email marketing campaign when having an online business such as tracking your growth in terms of sales and conversion rates and building relationships with your customers. It is important for ne to have an attractive opt-in list for the website so that more people will feel the urgency of joining and subscribing to the website which will at the end build a large email list that will help the online business to succeed.
A segmented customer database is an important marketing campaign to an online business. Its key is creating messages that support the marketing objectives and the business. Some of the strategies for segmenting your email marketing campaigns include; segmenting the emails by geographic location. This can is one of the most effective ways of communicating directly to your customers. This strategy works mostly when location is an important influence in the purchasing decision process. This strategy is useful when sending time based email messages to customers for example segmenting your emails by geographic time zone of where your customers are located.
Segmenting your email to target each gender may be an effective approach for the business. Men and women speak in different and unique languages when it comes to business and there is usually a general difference in what we want. This applies mostly to businesses that have a variety of products or specific gender stuff. The tone and email message used in targeting each gender is different.

Segmenting your emails by consumer interests is also an effective method of grouping your consumer prospects into different email marketing campaigns. You could follow your customers interests by creating a personalized email that get clicked through. This helps you monitor what your customers are interested in hence helping you deliver and satisfying your customers.
Your emails could be responded by people of all ages and the way they respond can be vastly different depending on their age group. It is important to segment your emails accordingly for particular marketing campaigns.
Understanding your customer’s demographics and behaviors leads to customize email communication with customers as the more you know about your customers, the better you can aim them with the relevant products and offers in a meaningful way. Demographic, attitudinal and behavioral different types of data enables different targeting abilities that are based on preference, lifestyle and purchasing. This data could be used to create an advantaged market.
Understanding the opinions and attitude of the customer segments can help you to customize products and target more customers with better messaging and appropriate offers. Attitudinal data helps on how to talk to customer segment, behavioral and demographic data helps you to improve targeting customers who are responsive and are likely to purchase your products. (Alkan, 2014)
Social media has made email marketing campaigns to be better through social sharing. Promoting social sharing is important because it extends the reach of your email. The more your email is shared on social media the more the potential you have for opens, conversations and clicks. Social sharing also provide an opportunity to grow, the more your email is public it increases the chances you have of gaining new subscribers.
Social media creates a platform to connect and interact with your audience. They provide more options to your email providers as they can engage with your business on different channels of their choice and it also allows you to increase the reach of your message as you won’t be limited to communicate with potential customers and your subscribers.
The success of any email marketing program highly depends on email deliverability. It is important to make sure that the emails you’ve sent gets to the people who have signed up because they can’t respond to your campaigns if they never receive your emails. Even though there are a number of factors that determines your email deliverability, the domain name and the internet protocol plays a major role in email deliverability (Kumar, 2008). The IP address is a unique numeric label that identifies every computer and sender and is the channel through which emails are sent to your recipient.
Many email service providers share a limited number of IP addresses between a greater number of their client user in order to reduce costs. It is important for one to know the companies his business is sharing IP address with because companies with less desirable email practices there are possibilities your domain name may end up with a bad reputation which may lead to it being blocked or black listed. Hence the more companies share IP addresses with you the higher the probability that your company could suffer from bad reputation (Powel, 2002).

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