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Kawaina Minor
February 20, 2014
Michelle Williams
Effects of Religion

Organized religion has both positive and negative influence on society. Organize religion has brought war yet has always been there for the community. During World War 2 in the spring of 1942 Catholic religious orders and Catholic schools started to conceal Jews from their persecutors. There was growing conflict within the church to risk defying the Germany occupancy of France to protect the innocent Jews being persecuted. However, in that spring Catholics united to help Jews escape going to camps. Today the Catholic Church has charity program helping the few Christians left in Iraq, a country recovering from years of war. Christians are in an unstable region and are having a hard time securing homes and with the churches help they hope to help the Christians to keep their homes and hope.
At the same time, Christians are being hunted by Islamist in the northern regions of Iraq. There has been mass torching of the Christian business. This is not the only place where this has been happening, in other Middle Eastern area’s the minority religion is being persecuted by the majority religion. Parts of Syria Christians are weary to leave their homes because of Islamic extremist. Killing by religion is nothing new though, from 1096 to 1270 the church assembled Christian warriors to go to Palestine. It became known as the crusades and the warrior’s task was to free Jerusalem from the Muslims. Many deaths can be accounted towards in the name of someone’s deity and many more will come in the…...

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