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Effects of Alcohol Society

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Effects of Alcohol on Society Halyna Strembitska Submitted to: Tarisa Matsumoto-Maxfield In fulfillment of course requirements for English 205

It is 11.40 p.m. on a Monday night and Darren is doing something he has not done for a very, very long time: staying sober. Darren is exactly 17years and 3 months old and a senior high school student. According the law, Darren can only take his first legal bottle of beer when he is in his senior year of college (at least at 21). But he is not the only underage American who drinks. In deed, an estimated 63 percent of underage high school and college students drink for at least one night per week. This prevalence, of course, comes with an array of harms, both to the individual and society at large. Adults are not spared either. Adolescents and teenagers grow up witnessing their parents and other adult relatives make toasts of champagne and wine at special occasions. Adults also casually enjoy several beers, say, at picnics. As it is, today, alcoholic drinks are as regular at business lunches in the same way they are at college fraternity parties. However, in spite of the fun and prestige associated with alcohol, and forceful arguments to the contrary, both underage and legal drinking have devastating ramifications on the person of the individual involved and society at large.(Langdana 2009)
Alcohol is the most common drug among youth, and the consequences of overdrinking have been dire. In deed, each year, an estimated 5, 000 youngsters below the 21-years age bracket perish from underage-related activities; 1,900 from automobile crashes as they drive…...

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