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Edmunds Company

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Wuhan University of Technology

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Case for Critical Analysis: Edmunds Corrugated Parts and Services

Program: PhD. Enterprise Management
Subject: Advanced Management

Question 1
SWOT Analysis

STRENGTHS * Good Reputation * Proven Reliability in delivering service to customers * Personalised Service to the Customers * Dominant Market Share * A Company Culture that is based on Diligence, Loyalty and Reliability among Employees | WEAKNESSES * An aging employee base that’s due for retirement and cannot be easily replaced * Minimal use of the internet and technology in general * Specialised market | OPPORTUNITIES * Product Diversification possibilities * Making use of the internet to possibly gain wider access to the local market and entering new territory in the global market arena * Possible Joint Venture Agreements to enable the company to diversify its products and offer access to other markets in other countries | THREATS * Higher Cost of raw material * Change in the Box Industry * Fluctuating demand in manufacturing output * Alternative New products entering the Market. E.g. Plastic Film * Consolidation in the Paper Industry wiped out customers/clients |

Question 2
Role of the Internet
The internet would increase bargaining power of the company; this will be the case as procurement over the web would give the company a wider access to customers and also enable easy access of the company’s products and services to the end-users. The internet can also be used as a marketing tool not just to provide information about the company as it currently does on its webpage.
The Internet is mainly used by companies to: * Create new substitution threats * Reduce barrier to entry * Blur the differences amongst competitors * Shift greater power to end consumers…...

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