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Mergers and Joint Ventures
Yvette Hairston, Rhonda Roberts, Ricardo Salinas, Elizabeth Urquidez, Deandre Wakefield
ECO 365
March 09, 2015
Matthew Anger

Mergers and Joint Ventures
Introduction - DEANDRE
The ability for a business to grow and remain competitive there are occasion where Joint Ventures and or Mergers may become necessary. It can be quite daunting to reach an agreement to work together in the right format of legal entity. Partnerships of this type can help to achieve specific goals. Economic variables lead way to many reasons of offsetting cost and losses. In this essay we will cover the different types of mergers and the effects of joint ventures. Research methods will results in recommendations of each type and how this effects the distribution of products and or services.

Horizontal Mergers

Vertical Mergers - RHONDA

Conglomerate Mergers

Differences Between Mergers and Joint Ventures - DEANDRE

Starting a business is a big step to developing your brand. The market will argue that running a business is even harder. Economic challenges make it difficult for the entry to be more than a small business at first. Partnerships with other firms, organizations, and investors are a few options to make the transition a little more reassuring. There are two options after finding the right source are joint venture or merger. Options being provided include a varying degree of collaboration between the two businesses. (Small Business, 2015) Firms decide on a legal structure and the concept for these is to dissolve the separation of the firms into one. Operations outside of the merger aren’t allowed when they relate to the product or service being shared. Joint ventures establish a separate firm that is formed for their operation. The other operations of each company can continue, as it doesn't relate to their shared responsibility. The two…...

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