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Easier Dumbwaiter Installation

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Installing Easier Transportation:
The Installation of a Dumbwaiter at Southwest Technical Supply

University of Houston - Victoria
English 3430

November 28, 2011

This paper explores the process, step-by-step, and the implementation of installing a dumbwaiter at the engineering shipping and receiving company, Southwest Technical Supply (SwTS). From locating the companies who manufacture and install them and the companies that would be the best and most convenient for the job, to how they will be installed, if other outside companies help is needed, if there are any risks and if so what they are, and finally the installation itself with the help of the companies Higher Mobility, AmeriGlide, and National Contractors. Concluding with the evaluation of the outcome and possible consequences of having a dumbwaiter installed and whether it is a good investment or not for SwTS. This paper studies and evaluates the idea of how adding another form of (non-human) transportation within a building can help employees and anticipates it speed up work. Keywords: Dumbwaiter, Southwest Technical Supply, Higher Mobility, AmeriGlide

Installing Easier Transportation:
The Installation of a Dumbwaiter at South West Technical Supply
Southwest Technical Supply (SwTS) is a very important shipping and receiving company for large engineering companies and exception suppliers (“Southwest Technical Supply,” 2007) around the country, receiving packages of parts from different engineering companies and sending out materials to other engineers. Work is opening and wrapping packages, and going from the offices to the warehouse and vice versa. Carrying large, heavy packages up and down, from the warehouse to the office is hard strenuous work for the supervisors who send out the packages. Moving continuously from one floor to the other, using stairs, and opening and closing doors repeatedly can also slow down work, making overtime a daily ordeal. However, with an elevator, or even simpler, a dumbwaiter, not only can more work be accomplished throughout the day faster, but the supervisors who carry and send out the packages will have less physical stress put on them. This paper follows the step-by-step process and implementation of installing a dumbwaiter at SwTS.
A dumbwaiter is a better mechanism than an elevator because a dumbwaiter only carries objects, not people, making the transportation of packages easier and safer. A dumbwaiter is a small freight elevator (or lift) intended to carry objects between floors (“Higher Mobility,” 2010). Older buildings and homes were built with dumbwaiters for transporting laundry, food, and other material goods. There are no real risks with having a dumbwaiter. They have the same safety precautions as any elevator or lift. As Higher Mobility (2010) stated about the safety of dumbwaiters, “The doors are locked when in use and the unit cannot be operated from the inside. As with all machinery extreme caution and safety must be explained and exercised…” Though there are a few companies in (Houston) Texas that manufacture and install elevators, dumbwaiters, lifts, and such machines. Most are installed by companies based in different states around the country that travel and are shipped to where they are needed. With some online investigation the company, AmeriGlide, was found that is fast and easy, with the drawback that they are based in North Carolina. Though their location is not ideal they are “one of the largest stair lift providers and the #1 Internet provider of vertical lifts in the United States” (“Stair Lifts”). They also seem most recommended by the online written testimonials on their website. After contacting them and discussing with them what exactly will be needed with the dumbwaiter, such as size and what it should be made out of, an estimate of $5,056 was given for the dumbwaiter (“Stair Lifts”.) The price also includes shipping and handling. The only problem is the company itself does not install the dumbwaiter, they only make and ship it. A contractor in Houston will be needed to assist in the installation and preparing a space for it beforehand by creating a shaft or hoist way (“Higher Mobility,” 2010). Fortunately there are many contractors here in Houston.
With some research, the company National Contractors, which has a base in Houston as well as in other cities around the country, specializes in doing construction for elevators and dumbwaiters. They are willing to work with AmeriGlide and vice versa.
The actual building of the dumbwaiter and shipment take about month and the construction in the SwTS back wall will take about a week. The construction can be conducted the week before the dumbwaiter arrives, so only five days of work will be disturbed. The dumbwaiter itself will take two to five days to install and with caution can be tested. After the tests have proven that the dumbwaiter works well and is safe for maneuvering packages it can be used for daily work.
The installation of a dumbwaiter at SwTS has served to be as useful as anticipated. With it being installed only two weeks ago, work has progressed and just in a week overtime has decreased, back order shipments have been shipped out, and overall work is being sent out and received on time. For a week, work was cut down to half days and work pushed back was earned back in time with the dumbwaiter moving work more steadily. As a company that is dependable to on being on time with deliveries, the money used to pay for the dumbwaiter installation is also being slowly recovered with work. The new dumbwaiter makes the flow of packages moving from the first and second floors smoother and less time is lost for the supervisors, not having to move between floors so much by foot. In conclusion, there is now steady paced work, more money coming in; more work coming in, and most importantly more work going out.


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