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Dukwane's Deliverance

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Dukwane’s Deliverance
Neil Ramsorrun has written the short story “Dukwane’s Deliverance”, and he has written the short story as a 3rd person restricted narrator. Dukwane, a black boy living in Camden, London is the main character. Dukwane is a gifted young man and has the possession to do brilliant things with his life. His highest ambition is to become a politician just like his role model Barack Obama. To Dukwane’s delight, he received a letter that confirms his admittance into Cambridge University. Dukwane was seen as a boy who always did the right thing and had the guts to do that. Therefore, he did as expected on a late evening where he accidently ran into a boy who were being chased by a gang of four. Dukwane managed to protect the boy although not without consequences. He managed to grab a stab in the process of the saving and was wounded badly.
In Camden, the environment is very rough, the residents should not walk some specific places such as the canal during night-time, unless it is needed due to gangs who see the streets as “theirs” and see you as a trespasser. “Be careful that you don’t go by the canal, it’ll be dark soon.” (Line 33). On the assumption that you do not mind your own business in Camden, you will eventually regret it.
After the incident Dukwane becomes apprehensive by the thought that he will stand out among all the white and rich people that the university usually composes, “how many black kids in wheelchairs do you think there are at King’s? (Line 121). Being different is never easy and especially being black in a country where the majority are white. His ethnicity doesn’t get him down usually, but when he look at his parents he felt a sense of sadness and doubts his ability on things regarding school, but he also have an perception and determination of achieving more than they have with their life. “They smiled at each other. As he…...

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