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Drug Store Eye Shadow vs. Department Store Eyeshadow

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Whether it’s for every day at the office, dramatic, or smokey-eye look for a night on the town, newcomers to the world of eye shadow can find themselves getting lost amidst the vast array of name-brands, shades and pigments of eye shadows. Then there are the options to choose between cream, powder, loose or baked eye shadows. The buyer will want to know how to apply the products as well as whether or not there will be long-term protection for her skin. Today’s shopper should compare quality, volume and pricing. Many make gurus have endorsed higher end and higher priced products but, quality eye shadow does not need to come with a high price-tag; this is shown by comparing key elements between department store and drug store eye shadows.
Entering the cosmetics area of a Macy’s Department store can be a bit overwhelming to the fledgling shopper. For someone who has never experienced this it can be a bit like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole. The first thing that happens is she is immediately met with the aroma which appears to be a magnificent blend of flowers, fruits and spices. It’s a clean, crisp scent but somehow after only a moment she finds herself almost gasping for air, eyes watering, wondering if she can climb back up the way she came. The trail splits and forks, divided to clearly showcase the vast array of high-end cosmetic brands that sparkle brightly catching her eye. The true adventure begins as the cast of characters appearing from nowhere they are perfectly primped, skin smooth and beautiful, not a blotch, blemish or crease in sight. These women look just like the cover of a fashion magazine causing her to wonder if they are made of plastic. Their demeanor is welcoming as they smile warmly and offer assistance to all those who would stroll into their piece of wonderland. Everything is so brightly lit, the colors and glass display…...

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