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In my own opinion it started very different, it caught my attention in a way I thought I wouldn’t be caught. Usually it is action, describing of a character or the intro to the story like how the world was and how it acted such saying I am a large fan of fantasy books. In The Name of the Wind it started with a descriptive way of an empty inn, that I didn’t expect and how descriptive they explained the silence was also what caught my eye. The Name of the Wind started out not like any book or story I have read or found online, it caught me well and as I explain further, those will see that I am very keen on reading more.
I may read more later into the evening but for now, I wish to talk about the first few pages I have read. As the setting starts in the late night, what seems to be a small crowd gathered in a tavern as one named Cob would tell stories to those around. Cob seems to be the fun of the group from first impressions of him, the one that you would go to have fun but never take the advice he gives. The group is of five that seem to know each other well, good friends from what it seems. A blacksmiths apprentice from first impressions seems to be the curious one of the five, the one that wants to learn more and seems quite interested in Cobs stories. There are three others, Jake, Graham and Shep. They don’t go into detail with Graham and Shep except Graham is still known as new in the small town even though he lived there for a year, but that is how it is when you live in small places with few people. Jake is well introduced as the one to go rash on things, the one to speak without thinking first, being stopped by Cob a lot as he interrupted his story part ways through. They would introduce other characters along the way but I will further explain them when introduced
As Cob began his story he speaks about Taborlin the Great and his escape from an inescapable prison with the help of an amulet which can know the names of all things. This amulet which would break the stone of the prison wall and which would command the wind to carry him down to the bottom of this prison to safety. As I read the story within the story, I was pleased in the way they placed the title within the book “The Name of the Wind” which only one with this amulet can use or for what I know this far. It had a great way of introducing it with a story told by a character within of a book. How the scene was within a quiet tavern as everyone gathered to listen, making it feel like you are there as they make such detail about where everyone is and how the setting of the place made you feel, the ways the tavern felt.
They would not end on such a great story, they would begin to talk about the Chandrians, a type of demon but vague the characters bring it up, maybe so time within reading the book can tell. As soon after they speak about the Chandrians, it was almost sheer coincidence that Carter ran into a demon like spider and barely survived but few can be said about his horse. He would bring this spider demon to the tavern dead as he killed it, this spider with razor feet and white pale like body. Cob would seem distressed that Carter was attacked by this thing and if he is fine. They would then introduce Kote who would examine this demon spider and be the one to pronounce it is a demon. Kote is the bartender and wasn’t in the small group when the story was told by Cob. From first impression he is the one with good information as they brought him over for the specific reason for help. This would go why these things are so far away from where they should be, and how the people could not defend themselves from these things. This quite extravagant event would not go further into the public the next day as they would just be seen as crazy like Crazy Martin but instead prepare themselves if more would appear. More small conversation would go on with the usual men said before in the tavern about taxes, the war and merchants overpricing now. It would end on this point, ending with the saying most evenings ended grim these days, as if times were hard and have been like this for a while.

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The story was the lie to the cops, when they saw Reena and how she never went to the party with them but instead went with some guys they recall. It would first start with Dusty, the known liar, better than Josephine that we noticed throughout the chapters, even convinces Reena to get out of the phone booth and giving her bus ticket. After the interview with Dusty that police officer Shannon Lance did, Shannon Lance would then interview Josephine would tell the same lie, as Dusty told her of this lie. This lie would be the story that would later to known or is known to the police as a lie which would later make matters worse for the two girls, both Josephine and Dusty and those that were involved with the killing as well. Others could say though that “The Story”, the title of the chapter could mean the story of Josephines and Dusty’s downfall as of now, that this is the beginning the of downfall, how each one involved in the beating and the killing of Reena will be punished.
The plans to Mexico that Josephine and Dusty planned shows how much of children they still are, how they think big and do nothing. How they are still like children and think running away from their problems will solve everything. From this we see how they are all think but no act, aiming big with big goals but doing nothing about it. We also see how afraid they’re about going to jail and being caught with beating up Reena.
The Quotes said all true to a sense as they weren’t the full truth, there was one lie which I caught and it was beating her head in, they didn’t do that because she did get back up and was fine so far and if they spoke about the murder part it was that they drowned her by sticking her head too long under water, it was awful and a lie but no better than the truth itself.…...

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